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Google's John Mueller responded if website traffic affects the Core Web Vitals (CWV) score. The webpage CWV results must have a minimum amount of traffic in order for the ranking results to appear in the Google Search Console.

The Core Web Vitals Score depends on the traffic

Google calculates a website's Core Web Vitals Score based on the actual website visitors who chose Chrome to measure the various metrics for page experience.

Google Search Console doesn't show CWV values ​​for pages that haven't met the minimum traffic thresholds.

The person asking the question may be concerned that a publisher with more traffic will have an advantage over a website with less traffic and probably not pages that are rated for page experience metrics like Core Web Vitals

How important is the data traffic to the most important web vitalities?

The question is based on the fact that CWV scores are only calculated for websites that have Chrome users visiting websites enabled.


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That is the question:

“Let's say my website's Core Web Vitals scores are quite good compared to my competitors.

However, my traffic is much less than that of my competitors.

How important is site traffic along with Core Web Vitals in search results? … Can a website with good core web vitals beat the competing website with millions of visitors in search results? "

John Mueller replied:

“So for Core Web Vitals, traffic on your website is not important as long as you… meet the threshold that we have data for your website for.

Of course, if we don't know about your website, we don't know that it might be a very fast website.

… The data we use for search comes from the Chrome User Experience Report, which is aggregated from users who … are enabled for this type of metric system. That is essentially what we need.

And then that's the baseline. … We have data for your website, we know users will see a fast website.

It doesn't matter if millions of users see this or just … I don't know … thousands of users see it. "


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John Mueller agrees with the above answer and states unequivocally that the number of visitors is not a factor in Core Web Vitals.

He explained:

“So, just… the sheer number of visitors to your website is not a factor when it comes to the most important web vitals, and in general not a factor in ranking either.

The other thing I have to mention here is that Core Web Vitals, the Page Experience, is not an active ranking signal at the moment.

That is why we announced this one aspect for May. "

Next, Müller emphasizes that the relevance of content is more important than the results of Core Web Vitals.

"And the other thing is that relevance is even more important."

John Mueller downplays the ranking effect of the most important web vitals

In the next part of his answer, John Mueller downplays the ranking effect of Core Web Vitals.

John Mueller:

"Just because your website is faster than some of its competitors on Core Web Vitals doesn't necessarily mean you will jump to # 1 in search results in May."

We continue to demand that relevance is something that should be available on the website. It should make sense to show the website in the search results because a really fast website, as you can imagine, might be completely empty. However, this is not very useful for users.

It is useful to keep this in mind when it comes to core web vitals. It's something that users notice. It's something we're going to use for ranking. But it won't change everything completely.

So it won't … destroy your website and remove it from the index if you did something wrong. It won't catapult you from page 10 to number 1 if you get it right. "

Core web vitals are important

While the ranking effect of Core Web Vitals may not be that great, it is one of the few known ranking factors that Google has an influence on when publishers have an influence on it.

If you think beyond the effect of search ranking, a high quality website that offers no friction to users can experience more pageviews and user satisfaction. This is important regardless of whether there is a (small) ranking boost associated with Core Web Vitals.


Watch John Mueller talk about Core Web Vitals around 11:30 p.m.


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