Dr. Tiffany Sudre

The dentist Dr. Tiffany Sudre, the founder of Silver Lining Scrubs, has long been used to wearing scrubs – she's her office attire of choice as a healthcare provider. But hospitals and medical buildings are known to be cold. For Dr. For a long time, the answer was cumbersome and a little awkward. Due to her own discomfort, Dr. Sudre to start her own company and create the product she wanted: warm, tailor-made scrubs for professionals that were comfortable to wear and helped her stay warm in the office.

Dr. Sudre was first a healthcare professional before becoming an entrepreneur. As a first-time small business owner, she discovered some keys to success in starting a business, especially one in the healthcare sector. It is important to ask if there is a need for the product or service, do research on competitors, and test the exact needs and wants of the target audience. In addition, Dr. Sudre that a plan and the use of social media led to the organization and organic growth of the company.

Identify a need

Why did Dr. Sudre as a successful dentist decided to also become an entrepreneur? She says, "I started this company because I was interested in a product like this and there wasn't." As a healthcare professional, she knew personally that the product was needed. She was constantly cold, so she had to do what almost every health worker does – shift up. She researched and anticipated alternatives to layering, but found that there were no warm exfoliating options in the market. Realizing the need, she quickly started Silver Lining to “help other health professionals find cute, stylish medical scrubs that would keep them warm and comfortable all day. I wanted to create something that they wouldn't want to take off at the end of a long shift. "


Dr. Sudre assumed there were other people who felt the same way, but before investing her time or resources because she's the only investor in silver lining scrubs, she decided to do some research. She has also passed the idea on to several dental groups. She found that there was a need and a lot of interest and excitement for the idea. She did additional research to make sure there were no existing patents. She realized there was (surprisingly) little competition, and today Silver Lining Scrubs is the only company that makes high quality, bespoke scrubs that are 100% warm. She worked with designers and manufacturers for over a year to find the perfect combination of fabrics for a fully lined garment without the risk of overheating during the long workday. Dr. Sudre strongly recommends knowing your target audience before starting.

Create a five year plan

Going into business blind is never a good idea. Dr. Sudre prepared by doing research on the product and bringing the idea through crowdsourcing. She also put together a five-year plan to help her "monitor success by meeting certain milestones and assessing whether the company was a success". She says: "That definitely helped me organize how we grow and what decisions we make financially."

Use social media to grow

Don't underestimate the power of social media. Via Facebook, Dr. Sudre their first three customers. She just created a professional Facebook page, shared it with healthcare friends, and had customers come to her. She also says that a mix of Instagram posts and paid Facebook ads drove growth, but that she spends relatively little on advertising. Instead, much of their growth has come naturally. Since their product is of high quality and meets the needs of a specific target audience, Dr. Sudre that most of her growth was organic through word of mouth and referrals. Silver Lining Scrubs is growing and evolving, and Dr. Sudre stays a step ahead by adding more size options and men's sizes. She continues to focus on her customers' needs and deliver a high quality product.

New Business Tips with Silver Lining Scrubs, a small business with a heart, first appeared in Home Business Magazine.


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