Google has announced it is launching a mortgage information search product. The new service is displayed in the mobile search.

Google Mortgage Information Search for Cell Phone

Google’s new service is a collaboration with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB is a government of the United States
Organization that regulates consumer financial products and services.

The new mortgage search tool is available on the go.

According to the CFPBs About Us page:

“We protect consumers from unfair, misleading or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law. We arm people
with the information, steps and tools they need to make smart financial decisions. "

Google is working with the U.S. government to provide information that consumers can use.

Four Ads About Mortgage Tools

When searching for mortgages, I had to scroll across four ads before I could get to Google's new mortgage tools.

Screenshot of a Google search ad above the mortgage information tools:

Screenshot of an ad above Google's mortgage toolThere are a total of four PPC ads that a user must roll past to get to Google’s new mortgage tool

The search results are among Google's mortgage search tools. However, you have to roll past several mortgage-related Google features before you get to two search results, which in my case come from the same domain.

This is followed by frequently asked questions (FAQs) that do not contain any links to the original website.

Did Google “borrow” content without attribution?

One of the FAQs contains content that appears to be from However, there is no link to the source of information or to any other assignment.

BankRate may not be the original source for this content. However, looking for a snippet of this sentence shows that BankRate is the most likely source.

A section of the Google Mortgage Search FAQ:

Google Mortgage FAQScreenshot from the FAQ about mortgages on Google

Screenshot from a page:

Screenshot of a page from


Read below

The content of the Google FAQ exactly matches the content of However, there is no link or mapping from Google to

The page is visible here.

How does Google mortgage search work?

Google’s new search for mortgage information offers several ways to find more information about mortgages.

The information is intended to guide consumers from every point in their mortgage research.

According to Google:

“For those looking for insight into getting started or preparing for graduation, we worked with the CFPB to identify the key steps
involved in taking out a mortgage in the process section. Regardless of which phase of the trip you are in, you can choose a step to find one
List of relevant documents and helpful tips from the CFPB. "


Read below

What is Google Searching for Mortgage Information?

The search for mortgage information offers the following tools:

  • Mortgage calculator
  • Mortgage rate tool
  • Step by step mortgage tool
  • Videos with instructions and 101 level information


Read the announcement from Google here:

Find helpful information about the mortgage process in the search

CFPB About Us Page


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