1. JobPosting structured data
  2. Beta structured data
  3. New structured data requested from Google

Google announced an update of the structured data of "JobPosting". The new structured data relate to educational and experiential requirements. This new structured data for job postings is beta and how it appears when you search is still under development.

The new structured schema data appears to be related to Google's career certification courses, which are designed to train employees in a new area.

It is no accident that Google's career certification courses and updated structured data for non-gradual and experiential data were announced on the same day.


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The fact that one of the structured data types contains a typo seems to indicate that the notation has been rushed.

To show what beta these new structured data markups are like, Schema.org listed some of this structured data as pending on March 8, 2021, and Google announced them three days later on March 11, 2021.

JobPosting structured data

Structured JobPosting data offers a unique form of user experience on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

For this reason, the structured JobPosting data is important in order to compete with other websites that display job postings.

Screenshot of the structured data for the job posting in the search results

Beta structured data

Google lists this as beta structured data


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  • educationRequirements.credentialCategory
  • eExperience requirements
  • ExperienceRequirements.monthsOfExperience
  • ExperienceInPlaceOfEducation

Note that the second is misspelled and should be properly spelled as a skill requirement.

These new structured data types are intended to fill a void in the current schema.org choices that allows publishers to flag the requirements but not indicate when closure is not required.

New structured data requested from Google

According to Schema.org's GitHub page, this new structured data was requested by Google in August 2020:

“This is a suggestion from Google to improve the job posting and occupation schemes so that we can explicitly state when no final-level qualification is required.

We want to find a quick way to get an initial approach while also starting discussions on how this can best be modeled (e.g. adding more granularity, country specific details, etc.).

We believe that adding this basic expressiveness could result in improved job searches (on Google services and elsewhere) for lower-educated job seekers. "

Schema.org states this is intended to help unemployed people during the pandemic:

"Given the COVID-19 response, it would be good to find an immediate workaround for this loophole in Schema.org:

We have https://schema.org/educationRequirements (on JobPosting and Profession), with which text values ​​and EducationalOccupationalCredential can express what is needed for a job and what is not.

With millions suffering unexpected unemployment due to the COVID situation, moving quickly could have a significant impact. "

Here is an example of the ExperienceRequirements and Month of Experperience properties:

Software developer


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