According to Google's John Mueller, adding an audio version of a text-based website has no SEO benefit.

This topic will be covered during Google Search Central's SEO hangout recorded on February 12th.

The following question is asked of Müller:

"Would adding an audio version of the content of a page help the search in any way? Aside from the obvious improvement in accessibility."

Adding an accompanying audio recording to a written post is something that more publishers have been doing recently.

Does it help these publishers with search rankings?

Here's what Müller had to say.

John Mueller from Google on audio + text content

Unlike photo and video, Google doesn't do anything special with audio content.

Google does not process audio content separately. At most, it can be viewed as a piece of video content that can result in a video clip.


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Mueller says, as far as he knows, adding an audio recording to a text post doesn't help or harm the rankings.

“As far as I know, we don't do anything with audio versions of content. We wouldn't consider this duplicate content either, so you don't need to avoid it.

I mean, you don't really have to avoid duplicate content yourself, but even if you want to avoid the situation of suddenly ranking different content for the same things, the audio version is something we, as far as I know, wouldn't even handle separately.

At most, we could see this as part of the video content and show it with a video snippet. But in essence, this would neither improve nor detract from a site's overall ranking. "


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Mueller is about to move on to another question when an SEO named Robb Young steps in to ask for clarification.

He asks: Isn't adding an audio recording for SEO?

Isn't a page considered of better quality if it contains text and audio than just text?

Mueller sticks to the answer he originally gave. Google doesn't consider a page to be of higher quality because it contains multiple types of content.

However, there may be indirect benefits, e.g. B. that the page is shared more.

"I don't think we'd look at this and say, 'Oh, there are different types of content here, so it's a better site. "

It may be that there are indirect effects. If users find this page more useful and recommend it more, it can have an impact.

It's not like we look at the content types on a page and say, "Oh, there are two types versus five types, the one with five types is better."

Finally, Müller adds that adding images and / or videos to a webpage has advantages as these content types can each be classified independently.

There are no separate search rankings for audio content.

“I think it's a little different with videos and images, as images and videos themselves can be classified independently. As with image search and video search, you can make the same content visible on these other surfaces. For audio, however, we don't have any separate audio search in which this page could also have a rank.

The next thing that might get there is the podcast search we have or the podcast one box thing but that really has to do with the podcast content type where you have a feed of podcast information, and we can index it that way. But if I only have audio on one side, I don't think that would automatically change anything in our systems. "


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Hear the full question and answer below:


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