What a juggling performance your SEO agency creates every day! On your best days you keep:

  • Team members and customers
  • All moving marketing parts

… in constant, useful movement. However, errors occur on your worst days when:

  • Communication breaks down
  • Standard procedures are not understood company-wide
  • People feel rushed

No local SEO agency or internal SEO wants to waste time and resources on a scenario like creating a GMB listing for an ineligible business model, issuing a wrong NAP because it wasn't checked by the right department, or contacting a Client multiple times because the onboarding process was not thorough enough to get all the required information in one step.

Perhaps worse, it is embarrassing to give the wrong advice to a customer, and undermines the bond. Nobody is perfect, and the best SEOs drop a few balls here and there, but it helps build trust when you know you always have the answers to marketing FAQs at hand.

Share a sheet – save time and trouble!

Regardless of whether you have just hired a new employee at your agency or just want to save your team time by having the most common local SEO resources, FAQs and solutions in one place, SEO's Local Search Cheat Sheet can be downloaded for free and downloaded are easy to print and share. Perhaps your agency is just beginning to get into local search engine marketing, and this resource can be a supportive guide to the future.

Include it in your workspace, place it on the company's fridge, or include it in your incoming employee training process. It's amazing how a visible memory keeps your memory busy, prevents avoidable mistakes, and makes work faster and easier.

Download the SEO Local Search Cheat Sheet

How your team will benefit from this sheet

I have been working in local SEO for over fifteen years. My head sometimes feels like a crowded filing cabinet with marketing logs. I can't remember everything, and the amount of information you need to track to market your local customers is amazing. From Google’s guidelines and continuous release of new features to general best practices for listings, websites, and reviews, and managing customer tasks, SEOs need to be the focus of every team meeting and customer consultation.

In this cheat sheet, I've created a basic help that covers the practices and questions that most often end up on my desk. Pin this at your own desk as a handy reference cover:

  • Onboarding checklist for customers
  • Eligibility / Inadmissibility of Google My Business at a glance
  • Top links for Google support and reporting
  • Website checklist
  • Reputation and review tips
  • Steps to troubleshoot ranking errors
  • Important local SEO concepts explained
  • And more!

I hope that by consolidating all of this information into a single resource, you can reduce important tasks from being overlooked, mistreated, or even taking longer than they should. Moz knows that organization is the key to any agency's success, and we hope you spread this cheat sheet widely to make local SEO work easier and better for everyone on your team.

Download the SEO Local Search Cheat Sheet

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