It's been another exciting week in the search world with another Google search ranking or indexing error triggered last Saturday. Google's John Mueller wouldn't give me any details on this. Google has also officially approved the Google Search Console Insights reporting tool that we covered some time ago. The Google Search Console added new reports to fix signed exchange issues in AMP. Google launched a strange feature that shows a graphical header based on your query. It was quickly removed after showing some adult-oriented graphics for some queries. According to Google, new websites launched on old domains don't use mobile-first indexing by default. According to Google, keywords in the URL have minimal impact after the content of the page is indexed. Google said header tags won't rank you any better in searches. Google doesn't want machine-translated content in its search results. Most SEOs consider accessibility in their SEO work. Google uses a number of signals for canonicalization. Google has expanded its search activity cards to support purchases, jobs, and recipe-related results. Google My Business has a new performance report that lets you look at your data a little differently. Google Local Panels shows this awkward looking map. Google Ads updated the performance planner tool to include shared budgets, shared access, and support conversion delays. Google Ads has also updated access controls by adding a new billing tier and vacation for account holders. Microsoft Advertising released version 11.28 of the Microsoft Advertising Editor this week. Bing Shopping can now display free shopping lists, but in the footer, well below the paid offers. And Google has promised to hold a larger virtual webmaster conference later this year. I have to figure this green screen stuff out, it's not perfect at all. Oh, and if you'd like to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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