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I know, I know this is going to be ridiculous. If I don't stop reporting on all of these unconfirmed Google algorithm updates. But the beginning of 2021 is unlike anything I've seen from Google in terms of volatility in organic search results.

And yes, I reported on a super big update to the local Google search algorithm this morning – but local is usually (but not always) different.

Over the past 12 hours, WebmasterWorld's SEO chatter has sped up organic ranking changes in Google search significantly. Here are some of those comments:

Seems like traffic is recovering for me right now. Google Ads I'm only focusing on a campaign or two with ads that (at least so far) have proven themselves after nearly a thousand ads from A / B testing. Therefore the cpa is very low and convincing. Rate is really high (for now). See more changes this morning. I see a reversal of the changes I saw on February 28th. Has anyone else seen this? 20% less since this weekend. My SERPs jump up and down every day … one day win, one day lose. But my direct traffic was flashed in the past week. Traffic was fine so far today, but other days this week I've lost almost half of the direct traffic and -30% on my homepage. This is just the new normal I guess. The sensors tip again. They see very, very fleeting moments of recovery and then disappear as soon as they arrive. However, the sensor appears to move past the March 2-3 levels when the worst of this current decline kicks in. There has clearly been another update in the last few days. Everything is going down all along the line. Still movement here in my British niches. Not much, but with so much Google clutter, moving from third to fourth can decimate traffic, and below that, the website might as well be absent.

To keep you posted there were some updates this past weekend that haven't been confirmed again and then on January 7th and 8th, January 12th, January 27th, February 8th, February 17th, February 20, February 24, and February 24 unconfirmed Google updates reported February 25, 26, and 27, March 2 and 3, and then again this weekend, March 6 and 7 or so. Let's not forget the start of passage indexing on February 10th.

It's been a busy year 2021 – as I said, unlike anything I've seen in my history of reporting Google algorithm updates from Google.

The tools have also shown significant signs of updates in the past 24 hours.


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Advanced web rankings:

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So it has been a pretty wild year 2021 and I hope you are driving this off in a positive way.

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