Pam Auugst

Pam Auugst of Pam Ann Marketing came to my office just days before New York was officially closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We kept our distance before the official CDC guidelines were released. It's still crazy to me how bad things have got since then. In any case, this interview was the last interview I did before all the craziness.

Pam did SEO for a long time, went through many Google algorithm updates, but always got away with it without a scratch. Eventually she decided to start her own agency, and everything happened organically. She can't talk about her biggest clients and best case studies in SEO – like many SEOs.

We then talked about Python and automation in general. She said SEO is both a science and an art. However, she realized that time is money and there are ways to automate some tasks to speed up routine tasks. She does this using a lot of spreadsheets and Python to do a lot of keyword research and make keyword lists. It also pulls these keyword ideas from the "People too ask" section in Google.

XML sitemaps aren't a one-time thing and you're done. XML sitemaps must be managed, content changed, and functionality changed over time. You also need to ensure that all of the content is in the XML sitemaps. Also, you need to make sure that the thin content is not in the XML sitemaps. She also tidies up a lot. She describes the technique she uses for this approach. In short, don't give Google content that you don't want Google to have anyway.

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