1. Pinterest introduces new features for advertisers
  2. Google Ads combines bid strategies
  3. Google announces a new way for hotels to present themselves for free
  4. Take the week
  5. ICYMI
  6. Lightning round

In this week's episode of Marketing O'Clock, presenters Greg Finn, Jess Budde and Mark Saltarelli split up the biggest digital marketing news of the week.

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At the recent Pinterest Marketing and Promotion Summit, they announced a range of new marketing tools, including “Pinterest Premiere,” an option that allows advertisers to show their video ads on their target audience's home page for a set period of time.

This new ad option is great for advertisers promoting a launch or other time sensitive event.

Pinterest also announced updates to its interactive trending tool and plans to roll out Conversion Insights on a larger scale.


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The latest version of the Google Ads API includes support for the Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value Bid strategies in search campaigns. With this release, Google also added a new read-only field "MaximizeConversions.target_cpa" and a field "MaximizeConversionValue.target_roas". Previously this was in the API TargetROAS and TargetCPA.

The names of these new bid strategies behave exactly like the bid strategies of TargetCPA and TargetROAS. This trend suggests that in the near future, bid strategies for search campaigns will be reorganized for simplicity.

The past year has affected many industries, particularly the hotel and travel industries. Google announced that it is now offering hotels a way to step in front of viewers for free.

From the week of March 9, 2021, hotels and tour operators will be able to add booking links to google.com/travel for free to showcase their brand and offers in front of users who want to travel again.

Take the week

Kyle Munson, director of marketing at Zillow, came up with an ingenious and hilarious way this week to explain the narrow flavors of Google Ads.

I am planning to open a restaurant called Close Variants. We plan to get your order right for the most part every time. If you have any nutritional needs please know that we only disclose some of our ingredients and only when those ingredients have been ordered by a significant number of customers.

– Kyle Munson (@kylewmunson) March 8, 2021


Next up, in our ICYMI segment, John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google, gives some great recommendations on what to do if a website outage threatens your SERP rankings.


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Unscheduled downtime is stressful enough – it saves you some time. If your site is completely down, get 503 ready for all requests ASAP (you can also display a friendly page). If your host is unavailable, point your DNS to a temporary host that only serves 503.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) March 10, 2021

Lightning round

Then we will answer your burning questions about digital marketing during our lightning lap segment:

  • Who can reply to my Twitter ad if I use the new ad conversation settings?
  • What can I see with the new Bing search results upgrade?
  • Where can I find iOS14 resources that don't sound like the end of the world?
  • When can we edit our tweets? It could be soon!
  • Why haven't more platforms introduced visible brand safety ratings?
  • How can I see who has viewed my Google My Business page?

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