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Pinterest's latest report on recent search trends shows that people are more interested in travel today than they were before the pandemic.

According to Pinterest data, people are searching for travel-related topics more than at any time in the site's history.

I tried to verify this claim, but Pinterest's Trends tool doesn't go back until April 2020, despite seeing an odd spike in January.

Pinterest search trends show interest in travel all along

To look beyond Pinterest's public data, we need to turn to the company's new report.

According to reports, travel searches on Pinterest have increased 60% Year for year.

Compared to 2019, travel searches on Pinterest have increased 40%.

Those searches turn into conversions as Pinterest links to data from GlobalWebIndex, which shows that 7 out of 10 people are planning a vacation this year.

There's never been a better way for marketers to reach travelers on Pinterest.

Travel is a broad category. So let's take a closer look at the data to learn more about what travelers are looking for.

According to Pinterest, the surge in travel searches is coming from eight types of travelers:

  • Rural tourists
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Digital nomads
  • Bucket listener
  • Culture hunter
  • Gourmet
  • Memory maker
  • Weekend travelers


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What these audience members have in common is the desire for more meaningful travel experiences.

“Copycat itineraries and travel are mandatory. Today's travelers are looking for more meaningful experiences that respond to personal passions and help them make connections. As you leave COVID, new types of travelers will emerge too. "

Pinterest provides specific details about three of these audience figures.

Rural tourists

A rural tourist wants to stay away from the crowds and looks for places to spread out.

These travelers are looking for hidden gems, such as small towns with unique characters.

Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • On 80% Increase in search for Land travel Subjects.
  • On 85% Increase in searches related to the landscape.
  • ON 75% Increase in searches related to Sea houses.


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Outdoor enthusiasts

After the recommendation to stay indoors for more than a year, more and more people are gaining weight who long for outdoor adventures.

Travelers search locations around the world for inspiration for outdoor travel – places like Montana, Lake Tahoe, and Tanzania are particularly popular.

Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • ON 150% Increase in searches related to National parks.
  • ON 30% Increase in searches related to hike.
  • ON 65% Increase in searches related to surfing.

Digital nomads

A digital nomad strives to combine his work life with travel by taking his obligations with him while traveling.

Digital nomads are said to be particularly interested in places like Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


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Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • ON 50% Increase in searches related to digital nomadism.
  • ON 1.6x Increase in searches related to Nomad trailers and campers.
  • ON 1.8x Increase in search for start a small business among the digital nomad audience.


How can travel marketers use this data?

Pinterest offers three suggestions:

  • Inspire new travel ideas with destinations and routes based on personal passions.
  • Provide practical tips to help travelers stay prepared for their new adventure.
  • Target one of the eight travel personalities with Pinterest Ads.

Source: Pinterest Business


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