Home podcasting offers your brand and company many unique opportunities. Because social distancing and quarantine have been around for some time and COVID-19 looks like it will stay a bit longer, the appeal of podcasting is even greater.

But why podcast at all? A podcast can easily be shared by different people on a variety of platforms. With iTunes and Spotify, it is very easy for users to listen to your podcast. It's an easy way to gain influence, and listeners become hardcore fans who want to talk about you and your company or brand.

It's also a lot more fun than it seems. Sure, the idea of ​​figuring out things to talk about for thirty or sixty minutes may seem a little daunting at first. However, you will be surprised how much content about your company, your passion, random thoughts, business tips or things about your personal life that you would like to share or talk about. It is also a great way to connect and gain visibility.

Even if you don't want to have a podcast for your business, it can be a good idea for your company to have a podcast about your brand or your private life, as your name will be more visible immediately.

Joty KayJoty Kay

Joty Kay, the host of her own podcast, Joty Kay Uncut, says that podcasting “from home gives me the opportunity to talk about anything and everything whenever I want. As soon as something comes to mind, I write it down, open my laptop, turn on the microphone, and start my episode. You have access to your digital diary around the clock. "

That's part of the general appeal of podcasting: no censorship, and it's exactly how you want it to be. But podcasting from home? As Joty also emphasizes, you can start recording at any time or write down thoughts throughout the day. You don't have to wait to go to a studio to start recording since your home is your studio.

If you think podcasting is a fun idea for you or your company, why not start right away? Because no, you don't exactly need a perfect recording studio. But there are a few things you will definitely need:

A laptop. Chances are that you almost certainly have one. The next one on the list? A microphone. If you take podcasting very seriously, investing in one may be a good choice. However, using your phone or tablet to record is also a choice and not a bad alternative. A soundproof room is definitely not necessary. However, make sure it's a quiet place. No dogs, cats, or children (unless you want them). You can even use blankets or pillows on the walls or doors to make them soundproof to some extent. There are some other things that you should consider over time, but these are the basics.

The most important? Your content. You can be like Joty and write down ideas all day long. Or you can have an outline. Maybe you’re just brainstorming. Maybe you will discuss it with your business partner or best friend. But have a general idea of ​​what you're going to talk about, maybe even a plan for a few episodes across the board. If you have a basic idea for content, set up your space! Blankets and pillows are optional. But once that's done, record! Use your microphone or tablet and save it on your laptop. It is as easy as it sounds. But wait. The recording is only part of it.

Next – and it can be prickly – go back and listen. And edit. Your customers and customers will hear it. So you should make sure that your statements are correct and good. There are also a variety of editing apps to choose from. Once editing is complete, add music!

Podcasting is seductively simple and one of the easiest ways to promote your brand or company. So start talking and recording.

Joty Kay is an Indian entertainer who gained her popularity on Vine through more than 100 million views and a growing fan base of more than 60,000 supporters and counters. She also starred in a popular web series called Anarkali, in which she captured the hearts of viewers with her character called Navi. Joty is known for her fearless and brave personality. She has decided to bring her opinions and experiences to Joty Kay Uncut, her appropriately named talk show.

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