Loosen the straps and hear the crackling of the paper – it's a handmade gift that you can unwrap!

This guide is a love chore that Moz worked on during the toughest year of local search engine optimization, with hopes of a stronger year for local brands in 2021. It's free, packed with over eight chapters of actionable local search marketing strategies for your agency or business. It is…

The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide!

What is the Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide?

Moz publishes this free guide to assist digital marketing agencies and local business owners who want to gain an excellent understanding of the topics and tactics involved in local search marketing.

This multi-chapter guide covers:

  • Understanding Google's Local SERPs
  • Assessment of demand and analysis of local markets
  • Analysis of on-page SEO and local business listings
  • Analysis and development of a reputation and review strategy
  • Analysis of local business content and creation of a publishing strategy
  • Develop a robust local marketing strategy
  • Local search automation, analysis and reporting

It also includes a dedicated chapter on local SEO in the COVID-19 era and a handy glossary for local search.

Who will benefit from this guide?

Any reader who is familiar with local search engine optimization from start to finish should find next-level education in this guide to improve their skills. Experts will find useful and practical perspectives to communicate with teams, stakeholders and customers and thus improve the chances of a buy-in for projects.

If you are responsible for marketing any aspect of a local business, the Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide includes workflows you can implement today to meet local brand and agency goals.

Share this guide with:

  • Local companies with one or more locations.
  • Brick-and-mortar models, service companies and hybrids.
  • Everyone relevant to your local brand, from internal marketers to key customer service reps, from bloggers to webmasters to social media managers.
  • Incoming reps at your digital marketing agency who need local SEO training to become greater asset to your business.
  • Any member of your team tasked with the many facets of local business marketing.
  • Friends, family and co-workers who own a local business and could use a great playbook for a better 2021.

What makes this guide different?

This very detailed and illustrated guide is special in that it teaches not only the “how” of local search engine optimization, but also the “why”.

Expert explanations will help you see the bigger picture of local search engine optimization as a reasonable whole, and not just random tactics in no particular order. We are not aware of any other free guide on the market that delves deeper into the mindset of serving local communities to make a local name out of a local business.

This robust guide will help you leverage the three pillars of local search – proximity, awareness, and relevance – for the brands you market and build the visibility and reputation that are critical to success.

Moz knows that local businesses are the backbone of the economy, and we want to do whatever we can to support sustainable, diverse and thriving cities through the presence of strong local brands. We hope you will take this guide as a gift in helping you build a better future for the local businesses you market. Unpack it today!

Read the Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide!


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