Forget all the handy blogging tips in the world.

I don't care how much you know If you're lacking motivation, just don't blog.

I have watched veteran bloggers who seem to go nowhere because seasoned bloggers who lack confidence never blog persistently, patiently, and generously. Self-doubt paralyzes all bloggers who lack confidence. On the other hand, I saw 6 figure earners who had a hard time mastering the English language. Confident bloggers who believe deeply in themselves and in their blogging skills blog until confident bloggers succeed.

Nobody has to be highly skilled to become a pro BUT every professional blogger believed in himself deeply for a long time – he knew that success was his. Nobody doubts themselves because doubting bloggers advise against blogging.

Even if you don't believe in yourself, I believe in you. Keep blogging. Go on. I know this blogging journey can feel tough, scary, and intimidating at times. I know how much the feeling of hopelessness makes you quit blogging. I know what this experience feels like. But today I'm going to be your # 1 cheerleader. I believe in you. But YOU have to keep blogging through thick and thin because no blogger can do what only you can.

I am scanning most of the blogging tips today. Most focus on practical blogging tips. I say hello to my fellow bloggers, but why is the error rate blogging sky high? Bloggers teach other bloggers WHAT to do and how to do it. However, if you don't know WHY you blog and pin down the reason for something fun and liberating, you are quick to lose motivation and quick to quit. I've seen this process a thousand times. Bloggers who are chasing money or casually giving blogging a chance will have access to all of the world's most practical and successful blogging tips.


Money hunters and casual bloggers are armed with what to do and how to do it, and they never blog insistently. Or maybe that crowd blogs 3 posts, relaxes, and takes 4 months off blogging. What you know is useless until you use it. What you discover or discover remains useless unless you want fun and freedom, keep those overwhelming intentions alive, and challenge you to follow successful blogging tips until you succeed.

Why do my posts on motivational blogging tips on the topic seem rare? Bloggers teach what and how because bloggers follow the blogging herd and everyone else copy what and how bloggers do. Bloggers rarely, if ever, realize that almost all bloggers need motivation through knowledge. Almost all bloggers need to figure out why they are blogging, and they also need to link the reason to something that is super fun and much more free than individuals need to know how to blog.

The blogging error rate seems to be anywhere from 80% to 90% based on my observations and industry metrics. Is that because 8 or 9 out of 10 bloggers don't have a solid blogging education? No We all have access to helpful free posts, and most importantly, helpful blogging e-books designed to help us get pro. Bloggers need to stop chasing money and start chasing after their passion. Bloggers need to stop casually blogging and start blogging to experience the freedom to orbit the globe.

Today I am your biggest blog fan. Go on. Do not quit. Dig deeper to find out why you blog. The moment you connect the reason to something liberating and fun – like circumnavigating the globe or blogging from home with your family – you'll never run out of motivation and confidence again. Pick out a fun, liberating driver who will guide you through the ups, downs, and litany of fears that all professional bloggers face on the go.

I believe in you.

Go on.

Keep blogging.

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