Have you heard that social media advertising isn't getting results?

Or that advertising on Facebook is no longer worthwhile with the development of other social platforms?

If so, reconsider.

Below are just 10 reasons why you should include Facebook in your marketing mix. The main differences to other social media platforms and the advantages over other digital channels are highlighted.

1. Reach a wide audience

It is undeniable that Facebook offers advertisers one of the largest user bases.

According to Statista, Facebook had more than 2.6 billion users worldwide in July 2020.

That's more than any other social media platform, and according to maybe just Google searchers.

Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Your Business
The audience on Facebook isn't just big, it spans many demographics.

Regardless of who your business is aimed at, you should be able to find your desired audience profile on Facebook.


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Facebook tends to have younger users, with 62% of users between 18 and 34 years old. It attracts users of all generations, with 38% falling from 35 to 65+.

It is the older populations that are the fastest growing segments of Facebook users.

Since 2015, the number of Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) on Facebook has risen steadily in double digits, and the parts of the Silent Generation (born 1945) before Facebook have almost doubled, according to the Pew Research Center.

2. Alignment with B2C and B2B companies

Have you heard that Facebook advertising is only for B2C businesses?

Be amazed how B2B companies can also run successful campaigns on Facebook.

Business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than other people.

The B2B space is competitive, which means B2B marketers need to be aggressive when using Facebook.

However, with the right targeting, ad format, messages, and user experience outside of Facebook on your website, there is definitely a chance of success.


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Facebook remarketing is the least B2B marketers should consider.

We often forget that anyone who is a B2B target doesn't stop after leaving the office or online in small moments between work assignments.

You are the same person. Remarketing on Facebook is a reliable way to get your speculation stuck.

For targeting new users, Facebook offers the following target segments that are well aligned with B2B needs:

  • Name of employer.
  • Job title.
  • Employment industry.
  • Interest industry.
  • Company size of the employer.
  • Business travelers.

Another B2B tactic worth pursuing is creating similar audiences based on an existing email list, website visitors, or customer base.

While this isn't unique to Facebook and other platforms, advertisers perform well on Facebook.

Hawke Media's Facebook advertising strategy started with this move and brought them a four-fold return on advertising spend.

3. Full funnel targeting with multiple forms of engagement

Of all the digital platforms, Facebook may be the only one that successfully engages users at every stage of their engagement journey.

Facebook's ad formats, targeting options, and measurement capabilities work well with any marketing strategy.

It is useful whether a user is in the proverbial upper tier, casually surfing and just starting their research, or in a mindset to conduct transactions.

Ad goals

For the awareness phase, the Facebook sponsored stories, video ads, and carousel ads are a great way to get a person interested without being too direct.

If the users are really in no condition to even consider your message, they will not get involved and get past it right away.

However, if it does, this is your chance to surprise and delight them with something very visual and memorable, and to showcase your service or product in a way that adds value.


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The aim is not to show comprehensive benefits.

The goal is to show something that excites a user and motivates them to do further research when the timing is better for them.

If your goal is to reach users in the middle of the funnel (i.e., at the deliberation stage), Facebook offers six different solutions that take this into account.

It should be noted that not only do they allow users to be included on Facebook, but they also control actions outside of Facebook in which users interact with content on your website.

If your primary goal is to get users to actively consider your business, Facebook can be a perfectly reliable source of high-quality traffic (or, if your business relies on apps, pushing app installation).

Transactional marketers benefit from conversion campaign options.

Be sure to use the custom buttons Facebook offers to improve your ads.

Depending on your industry and goals, Facebook has a number of bespoke buttons that can be incorporated into ads with a specific call to action to tailor your ad to your specific goal (e.g. book a hotel room, make a purchase) .


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4. Transparency of the audience

While some programmatic networks offer similar audience capabilities, Facebook's reach is very transparent.

Through the self-selected target group approach, your company has a high degree of control and transparency over the target groups you are addressing.

  • Fans: Your Facebook followers.
  • Friends of the fans: Users who are friends of your followers.
  • Behavior or interests: Users who meet the criteria you selected based on criteria you reported yourself.
  • Remarketing: Users who have previously visited your site.

While other platforms optimize your placements automatically, segmenting your campaign on Facebook can help you gain insights from these well-known target group clusters.

Either way, a campaign can perform well.

However, Facebook lets you see which segments are performing best, so you can hypothesize and test and refine strategies.

5. Psychographic targeting

Facebook's targeting capabilities go well beyond demographic trends.

Demographics alone are increasingly becoming a poor indicator of a person's lifestyle or purchasing needs.

For example, not all millennials have high college debt or lead a lifestyle that would be associated with low disposable income.


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Facebook's targeting functions enable targeting based on a variety of lifestyle characteristics such as interests, life events, behaviors or hobbies.

Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Your Business
Not only does this allow for more precise targeting, it also allows the digital strategy to be aligned with offline tactics to ensure that the same behavioral criteria are used across your entire marketing channel mix.

6. Targeting competitors

With just a few solutions, you can keep track of your competitors' audiences.

You cannot target fans of other brands on Facebook.

However, you can still target users who have specified the brands you want as their interest.

This is based on self-reported data and may not be current as it depends on when a user last updated their settings.

Especially when used on a large scale, it can be an effective strategy for finding well qualified users.


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By creating a custom audience of users interested in 20+ popular brands, you can quickly target thousands of users without paying fees for those audience profiles that may be required on other channels.

7. Variety of ad formats

With 10 Facebook ad formats, Facebook leads social media platforms in terms of the ad options available.

There are several options available for each target marketing funnel level, with image and video ads being the most common.

It is worth noting that almost all ad formats include some text and visual elements so that you can both describe and present your business.

Sponsored posts are a notable ad format, especially if your business allows others to post on their feed.

Boosting a user-generated post on your feed will encourage further interaction with other users.

Strong user-generated content often outperforms specially designed ads, as the latter are more easily identified as messages created on purpose.

In contrast, user generated content is organic and people are less likely to be on the defensive when they see it.


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8. Direct traffic to your site

As mentioned earlier, you can use many of Facebook's ad options to drive referral traffic to your company's website.

It is true that most of the users open Facebook with the intention of staying there to browse its contents.

However, if your add is compelling and the targeting is highly relevant, the ad is sufficiently enticing for the user to leave Facebook and reach your website.

9. Measurable performance

It might be obvious, but it's worth highlighting that Facebook allows reporting on an extensive range of metrics. There are many metrics available, depending on the ad format.

This includes actions that users can take before they leave Facebook (e.g. reach, ad commitments) in order to conduct off-Facebook events (e.g. conversions, revenue).

The only requirement is to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website.

While you can report basic conversion metrics using third-party analytics tracking, Facebook relies on its pixels to automatically optimize campaigns.

Without this feature, Facebook cannot access the user profiles that are best converted and will continue to serve ads for the same range of users throughout the campaign.


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10. Keep your existing target audience in touch

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it promotes and promotes your Facebook followers and fans.

While driving website traffic for referrals, website engagement, and conversions is important, it's also important to keep in touch and nurture your Facebook audience on a regular basis.

Think of your Facebook profile as your company's second website – another digital extension of your business.

As with your website and any offline presence, of course, over time, some users will be less interested in interacting with you.

They need to be reminded and given new reasons to consider you.

And users who leave permanently will have to be replaced with new ones.

Regardless of the primary goal, Facebook advertising always has the crucial secondary benefit of growing your follower base and offering something new to your existing fans.

If the budget allows, campaigns can be carried out regularly that are exclusively aimed at existing followers.

Just being a follower doesn't ensure that all updates are shown.


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A sponsored campaign for followers does not guarantee that all followers will be reached either.

However, this allows it to get closer and motivate users to voluntarily check your profile more often.

These are the 10 most important distinguishing features of Facebook compared to other social media platforms and other digital channels.

Like them, Facebook's ad platform offers easy-to-use budget management tools that monitor results in near real time, are accessible to any business regardless of size, and can deliver measurable results, including revenue.

Finally, there is also an indirect benefit in supporting your organic search presence by maintaining your Facebook presence.

Facebook advertising can help you increase your social signals (i.e. shares, likes, and comments) that can indirectly affect your SEO rankings.

A perfect chance to advertise

Before the COVID-19 success, users were already spending an average of 58.5 minutes a day on Facebook.

Facebook and social media usage continued to increase during the pandemic.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this channel and move your recovery forward.


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