This week's niche is focused on getting physically fit! If you haven't started fitness programs yet, you're not alone (LOL). However, if you're an affiliate marketer and are looking for a new website to create and promote, it's time to take a look at the top fitness affiliate programs we have here for you.

Let's start by visiting sample websites to get an idea of ​​how you can be successful in this particular niche. Like this site, nerd fitness. I like the overall look and feel of the website as it clearly means P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y! This page is aimed very well at people who want to be constantly fit and motivated.

Another example of a fitness site is Body + Soul, which is more general than the previous one. This website deals with a variety of health and wellness topics. Nevertheless, there is a separate page for fitness topics. What I also love about this site is the general magazine-like aesthetics. It appeals to me, which makes sense, because the content and the layout are aimed at women.

What is fitness?

Let Google define it for you!

"What is fitness?" This is the exact sentence I googled, and the snippet of information that Google provided was:

The definition of fitness

According to Google, the best definition of the word "fitness" is someone who is not only fit but also healthy. When you look at this in context, fitness embodies a person's physical, mental, and emotional state.

In contrast to similar niches as the health or bodybuilding niche, the fitness niche focuses on the development of physique and health.

Is there online demand?

Weigh the popularity of the fitness niche

According to recent Statista data, the global fitness and healthcare industry has annual sales of approximately $ 80 billion.

In North America alone (USA + Canada), the market was estimated at a whopping $ 28 billion in 2015.

Google Trends shares a fairly positive forecast for the fitness niche. Based on the "Interest over Time" chart, interest in the keyword "fitness" has been consistently high over the past five years, as shown:

Google Trends fitness data

The top 5 countries where the keyword “fitness” is most frequently searched are (in order from highest to lowest):

  1. Denmark
  2. Australia
  3. The United States
  4. Switzerland
  5. Canada

On social media, BuzzSumo also shows a large number of releases for fitness topics on popular social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+). This gives us an idea of ​​how popular this niche is on the internet!

BuzzSumo data for "fitness"

Based on the demand and popularity data shown above, there is no doubt that fitness is a good niche.

Keyword research

"Build" your fitness keywords

Let us “work out” our key words for this niche. A little disclaimer here before we start: Remember that the keywords we use in our NOTW posts are NOT the only recommended keywords for the niche. You need to choose your own keywords, that is, choose the keywords that best fit the target audience of your niche website.

Get your seed keywords from Google search results

Always start by identifying starting keywords that you can use to find additional keywords. Since the fitness niche is very, very broad, I'm going to search Google for ideas for starting keywords:

Fitness keywords

I circled the keywords on the first page of the search results for the term "fitness" to help me find my starting keywords.

These keywords are displayed in the Google SERPs because Google has decided that these are the most relevant keywords for the term searched.

Collect more seed keywords in 3 easy ways with AffiloTools

To collect further starting keywords, I re-enter the keywords that I found on Google in the section "AffiloTools Keyword Research". With AffiloTools you can easily collect start keywords in three ways:

1. Use the Keyword Research Tool

Instructions for keyword research with AffiloTools can be found here.

Here are the keyword match results for the term "video workouts":

2. You can find more seed keywords in the section "AffiloTools"

If you're not happy with the keywords, you can change the tabs to "Related Keywords" to get more keyword ideas, as shown below:

Related keywords for "Video Workouts" in AffiloTools

3. Enter the URL of a similar site in AffiloTools to get the site's keywords

Simply enter the URL of a similar website to get the keywords used for that website while you continue to use the AffiloTools Keyword Research Tool:

Find keywords from competitors in AffiloTools

Rerun the keywords in Traffic Travis

We always get the following support questions: "How do you choose the keywords in AffiloTools?" "Are you basing your selection on competition?"

Personally, I am not yet checking the competition when I am collecting my starting keywords. I collect ANY keywords for my website. Once I'm done with my keyword list, I'll run the keywords in Traffic Travis again to check each keyword's competitiveness.

Another question you may be asking is, "Why do you have to run your keywords in Traffic Travis again when you can get the competition data in AffiloTools?"

If you do SEO this is important. The competition data in AffiloTools is based on paid search, NOT on organic search. This is why you need to check the competition in Traffic Travis because TT gives you competition data based on organic search.

Detailed instructions on how to check the competition data in Traffic Travis are available here

Affiliate programs

A healthy menu with partner products

The great thing about this niche is that you can set up a website dedicated exclusively to digital products (downloadable content), or only advertise physical products (goods), or advertise both digital and physical products. In short, you have a variety of product options to choose from.

Below is a list that I just got from Google's top 10 results for various fitness related keywords. As I said, you can discover more as the fitness niche offers you a wide range of digital and physical products.

How to market the niche

Get a Fit Link Building Strategy

Driving traffic to your website is challenging, but essential. You need to get traffic to turn it into sales.

There are several ways to drive paid and unpaid traffic to your website. So it's easy to get stuck in this part of affiliate marketing. If you want to get started right after setting up your website, you need to create a link building strategy in the early stages of building the website.

Some elements you can include in your fitness niche link building strategy are:

Content strategy

The content strategy is the art of managing the content of your website from research to publication. There is a lot of information about fitness and wellness that you can publish on your website: proper nutrition, fitness routines, various workouts, etc. A good content strategy will help you to research and organize your articles better and to update your website regularly.

Comment on blog and forum

There are many fitness forums and blogs you can participate in. The good thing about this niche is that it is closely related to muscle building and weight loss, so you can also visit websites in those niches.

Remember that not only do you create links when you participate in blogs and forums, but you also build the online presence of your website. Instead of simply creating links with keyword-rich anchor texts in your blog comments, forum signatures and posts, you should provide comments that are useful for readers. Make yourself an authority in your niche.

Link bait

There are many government offices in this niche. Instead of competing with these websites, use them as sources for your articles. Once an article is ready, you can write to the owner of the websites you cite and let them know that you are linked to them. Most website owners link back to your article as long as it is good and useful for their audience.

You don't have to limit yourself to articles. You can create infographics or videos and point to the source page. The more shareable and useful the content is, the more likely it is that website owners will link to it again. So take the time to create high quality content for baiting links.

Wrap up!

Fitness affiliate programs: How does the niche scale?

The fitness niche, like weight loss and muscle building, is very lucrative. And just like the niche for weight loss, everyone can relate to and be interested in it.

But just like in any other evergreen niche, there is a lot of competition. Not a bad thing! You can always find a workaround for every competitive niche. Make sure you do your research, choose a niche you want to focus on, and plan a link building strategy. You need all of this to make your business profitable in this niche.

Did you like today's NOTW? If so, we'd love to hear your comments below.


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