Pokemon is one of the most popular card and video games of all time. The series of card and video game characters was first developed by Game Freak and then published under the name Nintendo and Pokemon Company to create the Pokemon franchise you see today. Whether you're playing the original card game (which came out more than 20 years ago), collecting VR characters on your mobile device, grabbing a stuffed toy, or even watching the TV show or movies … Pokemon is still pretty much everywhere!

List of the top Miami Heat websites and blogs on the internet today

With Pokemon items, games, cards, and collectibles all over the place, it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. To aid in this process, we've highlighted some of the most popular and fun Pokemon websites and blogs on the internet. Check out each of them as they all have something special to offer.

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1. Pokémon – Wikipediadocument.docu

Site Review – A free encyclopedia co-created with wiki software. (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike).

Publication date – – January 2001

rank – – 13

2. R / pokemon

Site Review – User generated news links. Voices encourage front-page stories.

Publication date – – April 2005

rank – – 18th

4. Polygon Pokemon Search Results

Site Review – Polygon is a gaming website in partnership with Vox Media. Our culture-focused website covers games, their creators, the fans, trending stories and entertainment news.

Publication date – – Jul 1992

rank – – 2.517

6. Pokémon Center.Com

Site Review – Official site for Pokémon merchandise. Offers plush toys, videos, trading cards, computer games and exclusive products.

Publication date – – September 1999

rank – – 18,738

8. Blog – Pokémon GO

Site Review – Pokemon Go Live website and blog. Constantly updated with new resources.

12. Pokécharms

Site Review – Your source for Pokémon fan work, Trainer cards, and news.

Publication date – – August 2004

rank – – 569,524

13. Pokémon Blog

Site Review – Pokémon News, Pokémon GO, Sword & Shield, Pokémon TCG, Pokémon Videos, and More!

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