Stick Figure is an American reggae and dub band based in Southern California that has grown in popularity as they continue to tour the country and play in front of millions of avid music lovers and fans. Since their first release in 2006, the group has released seven full-length albums and one instrumental album. Each of the album releases were written and produced by front man and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Scott Woodruff.

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1. Stick figures on Apple Music

Site review Listen to Stick Figure music on Apple Music. Find top Stick Figure songs and albums including Choice Is Yours (feat. Slightly Stoopid), Smokin & # 39; Love (feat. Collie Buddz) and more.

2. Stick figure | Listen for free on SoundCloud

Site review With a reassuring touch of production strength, Stick Figure is back with its latest album, World on Fire, which was released on August 30, 2019. As with his previous releases, World on Fire was written and produced. California. 124 tracks. 58677 followers. Stream stick figure songs and playlists on your desktop or mobile device.

6. The stick figure official site

Site review This is the official website and resource for all things stick figures. Find the latest tour information, new releases and more here. Alexa Rank – – 3,672,818

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