The Washington Wizards are a professional basketball team in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. If you've been a fan of basketball for a while, you may remember when the team was called the Washington Bullets. The team changed the name to distance themselves from crime and gun use in the world. However, the team is the most popular as it is the team Michael Jordan returned to on his third return to the NBA.

Today the Wizards are a mediocre team, but they recently changed something by swapping John Wall of the Houston Rockets for Russell Westbrook. The team also has Bradley Beal, which makes them a possible content against other teams like Magic and Hornets in the Eastern Conference.

List of the best Washington Wizards websites and blogs on the internet today

Whether you're a fan of the Washington Wizards as a team or just like the new players on the team, follow these resource pages and fan blogs to keep up to date. It's best to check out each of them as they all create and deliver their content in a fun and unique way.

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1. Washington Wizards – Wikipediadoc

Site Review – A free encyclopedia co-created with wiki software. (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike).

Publication date – – January 2001

rank – – 13

3. Washington Wizards News, Results, Status, Schedule – NBA

Site Review – Coverage of NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, NCAA college football games, and world sports with the latest sports stats, results, tables, transactions, team injury reports, and team schedules.

Publication date – – May 1996

rank – – 515

5. Washington Wizards

Site Review – Bleacher Report is the largest and fastest growing community-based sports network on the internet. Since launching in February 2008, has rapidly expanded the breadth and depth of its coverage and created high quality content on all major US and international sports.

Publication date – – July 2005

rank – – 1.229

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