I only spend about 4 minutes searching emails. All of today's guest contributions and sponsored pitches came from energies of fear, scarcity and poverty. Since I ignore the scarcity, I deleted individual replies and marked all duplicate replies as spam for exchange traders. I don't give energy to be afraid of losing money. I give 100% of my energy to generously help you with more helpful content for blogging tips.

Do you see how that works? I spend 3 minutes ignoring poverty to spend 14 minutes generously helping you with this post. I help more people in this way. I have more fun I acquire skills. I also gain exposure. Credibility? Thumbs up! But only because I give 100% to helping people generously instead of trying to trade with tire kickers and other people who are afraid to spend money.

Fearing spending money means living on poverty. Good luck trying to build a business on the backs of people living in poverty. Sure, it can be done, but damn it, you're going to have serious problems branding yourself and your blog to target people who want $ 5 worth of sponsored posts but are offering the fun "volume discount" to customers , but business is business.

Do people who exchange their tariffs exchange tariffs in the doctor's office? Of course not. Do you have a doctor's attitude. Turn away or ignore anyone who doesn't pay because you run a blogging business, not a charity. Blog an attitude. Buy the eBook – previous link – if you need help building trust and clarity in blogging and want to learn how to give your energy to generosity, not scarcity.

Basically guys; You feel sorry for people who vibrate with an energy of fear, but ignore the energies because you don't want fear, poverty and scarcity in your life. Wherever your attention and energy goes, grows. Nothing personal. Business only.

Then devote all your attention and energy to the generous online help for people through your blog, guest contributions and the support of other bloggers. If you focus all your attention and energy on generosity, you will increase your skills, your reputation and your credibility. Experienced bloggers with massive publicity and solid credibility make money blogging because you and I buy from people we know, like, and trust. The same applies to hiring employees.

But of course the time element shakes most bloggers. I personally know how being generous requires a full-time commitment to be generous over thousands of hours. If you work for free during this period, ALL of your money fears will be triggered along the way.

When you trigger your fear of money, you have a firm and clear choice. Either you move towards scarcity and poverty and make decisions for blogging companies for fear of losing money, or you feel the fear, solve them and regain your stance.

Everything is on you. Everything is in your hands. From personal experience, it makes perfect sense to sit with fear, to feel it and to let it go, because a moment of unpleasant emotions leads you to be generous again, to show your attitude and distance to the blogging process.

If you are generous, confident and clear, you can continue to build your blogging campaign on a posturing platform and position it so that you are successful online. Help people all day for free. Open income streams to benefit. Traffic, profit, and business will increase for you if you're a generous blogger but never pit stops to argue with shortage-oriented, poverty-conscious bloggers who don't seem to have enough money for anything.

Ignore poverty. Something decent is happening; More wealthy people find you. Paying customers show up without exchanging a bit. In addition, you enjoy the process seamlessly, are calm, peaceful, and free from people who are drunk on the ego, with no awareness of excess and full of shortage.

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