A few moments ago I was thinking about the wrong decision for money and customer satisfaction.

I made a mistake. I thought about correcting the mistake. On another review, the best solution to my peace of mind and blogging integrity was to admit my mistake and continue without correcting it. Life is not perfect. People make mistakes. I make mistakes.

The easiest way to fix some mistakes is to NOT fix some mistakes. Does this make sense? Be at peace doing the right thing for yourself before you consider money and / or customer satisfaction. Does money have to live with your stupid correction? Does the customer have to live with your stupid correction?

No and no Never do anything to make a transaction or make a person happy. First assess your safety with the error. Continue to evaluate the correction's time-energy investment. Observe whether the correction affects your long-term integrity.

My deal … I recently did a blogging boo boo. In certain circumstances, my only correction would be to delete an old blog post to publish a new, accurate version of the post.

Advantage: a payment and a satisfied customer. Disadvantage: broken link, not a single payment, an unhappy customer and the prevailing feeling of being sold out for 1 business transaction and 1 person. Hmmm … everything became crystal clear. I apologized for the mistake. I went further.

Correcting the mistake felt bad because correcting a link damaged a link, screwed up a blog backlink profile, negatively impacted the blog brand, and made me feel bad, all because I got a payment and positive praise from one Customers wished.

When I was very aware of my motives, I made the right decision for long-term blogging growth. More potential business flowed into my inbox after I didn't correct this situation, just apologized and continued to work. I also received payment for another job.

What if the customer speaks badly of me? A person's perception of me has everything to do with them and nothing to do with me because we see the world as we see ourselves. I accept myself. This helps me to be free from customer, customer, reader and human views about me. I forgive myself. I forgive everyone and move on.

Concentrate on the energetic gain of every business transaction. What feelings do you gain when you agree to the deal? Peace of mind? A headache? Only you decide what you want to take over and what you want to publish. Think of the big picture, not small blogging potatoes.

Do you want to make 1 customer happy for 1 job to get 1 paycheck if the correction feels bad, affects long-term business growth, brand integrity and your attitude on a smaller scale? Nah. Do the right thing for everyone. Don't just do the right thing for yourself and another person.

Never do anything to make a customer happy because unhappy customers are unhappy because of their sadness and expectations, not because of your business products and services.

Nobody lets someone do something because everyone controls their own thoughts. Nobody can control your thoughts. I blog and do honest business; Readers, customers and customers can take it or leave it. I only correct honest business mistakes if this benefits the whole in the long run, rather than trying to make 1 person happy for 1 payment.

Build a vision. Look beyond today to maintain your peace of mind, to know when to correct an honest mistake or to move forward with a simple apology, and to speed up your long-term blogging success.


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