Public or private schools

Public or private schools

When a parent sends their child to school, they can choose whether to send them to public or private education. The public school is free for all students and is financed by tax money. A parent has to pay out of pocket to send their child to private school. According to Benjamin Cory Harow, public and private education have advantages and disadvantages.

Teaching staff

There are often experienced teachers in public schools. Private schools have new teachers because they don't pay them high salaries. This does not mean that one teacher is better than the other. Public school teachers spend more hours of professional development each year on a wide variety of topics.

Class sizes

Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes. In private schools there is a better relationship between students and teachers. This allows students to get more attention and help from the teacher. With social distancing, class sizes are getting smaller everywhere, but private schools still typically have fewer children in the class than public schools.


This is a big problem for parents when it comes to attending school for their children. Public schools are paid for with tax money. Parents may need to buy school supplies, and it is. Private costs average $ 11,000 per year. Costs vary by school, but there is a fee for this training. This is something parents need to think about to see if they can afford it.

Different classes

Both schools must offer the state curriculum and follow the common core standards. There are a few other focuses that private schools can take. Private schools often focus on the arts. They offer additional courses in music, theater, and related courses. Public schools may not have the budget to offer these specialty courses. If a student is interested in art, private school may be a better choice for them. During the school years, private schools focus on preparing a student for college. They have additional gifted classes and advanced courses that look good on the credentials. Students also learn the skills required to be successful in college. This can be beneficial when a student is attending college and wants to get a head start on preparations.

Test results

Students in private schools often do better on state and other tests. They score higher in these tests. This may be due to the smaller class sizes and the greater attention paid to teachers. They may contain more information that can help students with these tests.

These are some of the pros and cons of public and private schools. Both schools offer basic education. Some things will vary. A parent needs to think about what the best education will be for their child and then find the school system that suits them best.


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