Purna Virji

Purna Virji is a senior manager for global engagement at Microsoft Advertising, has won the US Search Personality Award, and is one of the nicest people in the industry. Your job is to share new technologies at conferences and events with the search and digital advertising communities.

I was upset that I couldn't see her win the US Search Personality Award in Las Vegas, but she told me a nugget that she sometimes wears the crown that comes with the award to cheer up on bad days. I'm honest, I only put the crown on a couple of times to take a photo for people.

Bi-searchual – that's what she calls both SEO and PPC – I love it.

Inclusion and accessibility in the search is a topic that she loves passionately. Purna explained how important it really is because nobody likes to be left out. So when you think of your website and your copy of your ad, make sure that your design and messages are targeted. This is from color blind people to segments of people. She said if you solve for one, you solve for many. Accessibility for one becomes usability for many, she added.

A PPC case study she gave was an inviting company. She noted that same-sex couple weddings in two different high seasons were very popular for an entire market for which the company was not advertising. Mobile operators offer discounts to military officers, but no one advertises them.

We then talked about PPC automation and she said that return on advertising spending is a goal. She said that there are certain automation features that you can use to manage your ads. This is about the tedious boring tasks that nobody wants to do. Things like managing bids, AI can do it a lot better than humans. Her favorite tip is ad customization programs. In particular, ad adaptation programs for target group lists that Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising do not have.

Purna Virji can be followed on Twitter @purnavirji or on LinkedIn.

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