This week, I've covered a number of topics, including an interesting topic about negative reviews on the web that affects your chances or your good ranking on Google. John Mueller from Google also told us to forget everything we read about Link Juice. Bing launched its new Bing webmaster tools and added a new URL inspection tool and a new Robots.txt test tool. Bing has also made some contacts with those who installed the new URL submission plugin for Bing WordPress and had problems. Google Search Console has added support for structured image license data, and the Rich Tools testing tool also supports this markup. Google said they plan to expand the rich results testing tool after the complaints from the SEO community. Google’s testing tools also support viewing Web Story. Google Home Smart Displays, the Google Home Hub now shows instructions as tutorials. Google sends notifications to people with a job schedule to add telework markups for remote jobs. Google is testing a new form of local Q&A boxes. Google Local Pack also tests product carousels. Google My Business added a new attribute for black owned businesses. Google has updated several of its Google Ads policies. Google Ads tests subheadings, which are hyperlinks. Google Top Stories tests "on context" links below the main story. Google tests thick gray borders when searching. And for some reason, Google recently had the "wear mask and save lives" doodle, but they removed it. Oh, and if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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