Report on the status of B2B Influencer Marketing (IM) 2020 from TopRank

Report on the status of B2B Influencer Marketing (IM) 2020 from TopRank

With more than 350 brands surveyed and interviewed the report enables B2B marketers to make better decisions about influencer marketing. Since virtually all influencer marketing research to date has focused on B2C or the industry as a whole, this is the first report to focus solely on B2B influencer marketing from one of the most trusted voices in the B2B marketing space. "

B2B Influencer Marketing Report finds "Always-On" programs 12 times more successful than regular campaigns

The report shows that B2B marketers are optimistic about influencer marketing yet not sure about their ability to execute:

  • 78% of B2B marketers believe that potential customers need the advice of influencers
  • 74% agree that influencer marketing improves the customer and prospect experience
  • 63% agree that marketing would produce better results if it included a B2B influencer marketing program

And yet:

  • Only 19% of B2B marketers run ongoing influencer marketing programs
  • 60% say they do not have the required knowledge or the right in-house skills to implement ongoing influencer marketing programs
  • Only half include an influencer activation plan in their strategy

"Many B2B marketers turn to influencer marketing to increase their credibility, connection, and engagement," said Lee Odden, Co-Founder and CEO of TopRank Marketing, "The 2020 State," The B2B Influencer Marketing Report offers data-driven strategies and best practices as well as case studies and forecasts for the future of the leading B2B influencer marketing experts, ā€¯continues Odden.

The TopRank Marketing 2020 report on the status of B2B influencer marketing can be downloaded for free at


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