Every struggle I've had while blogging started with self-doubt. Every success I enjoyed blogging unfolded by overcoming self-doubt.

Self-doubt is the ultimate enemy of blogging because every failure starts with you doubting yourself and your blogging skills. Every failure ends with freedom from self-doubt. Every success starts with being clear and confident on your blogging journey.

Belief in oneself does not happen logically, but emotionally. I spend 3-4 hours a day:

  • meditate
  • Doing Kriya Yoga
  • Do yin yoga
  • Power walking

because managing my energy expands my consciousness. By expanding my awareness, I can see when I doubt myself and how self-doubt is hurting my blogging campaign. Even if I've been into this blogging for a decade, I still doubt myself. I am anxious. I am angry. I don't want to step on my toes. But when I dive into fear that fuels self-doubt, I gradually overcome the state of mind to help you and me. Not comfortable. Not always easy. But that was the way for me to believe in myself more deeply.

Believing deeper in myself made me generous, productive, and connected because for a minute I created and connected based on the knowledge that success was mine. Guess what? Success is yours too. You deserve it. The only way to succeed online is to face, feel, and let go of self-doubt in order to generously create and connect. From there, blogging success becomes a simple matter of time. Success can and will find you, but only if you believe in yourself and start from this trusting, clear, knowing energy.

Why do you doubt yourself? I bet someone programmed self-doubt into your head. Young children believe deeply in themselves and in their abilities until weak adults, through their example and advice, condition young children with harmful beliefs such as self-doubt. Your job is to unlearn self-doubt in order to believe deeply in yourself and in your ability to become a professional blogger.

Tips for overcoming self-doubt

  • Work on your mindset daily to become aware of the self-doubt so that you can eliminate these evil energies
  • Network with brave, clear and self-confident bloggers to learn from their example
  • Invest money in resources to help overcome fear
  • nudging in the direction of fear to discover self-doubt

The benefits of overcoming self-doubt far outweigh a few moments of wading through these annoying, moving energies. Imagine being generous, productive, confident, and brave in everything you do. Image is 100% immune to bad reviews. Imagine not being bothered by negative comments on your blog. Even better? All the people you criticize do not become enemies, but fearful people who have practically no trust. Being confident and believing in yourself shows that critics are not confident people who don't believe in themselves.

How can a scared human shell hurt you, damage your reputation, or damage your blogging business? Only losers who blog – energetically, not derogatory – follow the advice of loser critics. You don't want these people around your blog, business, or brand anyway.

Conquer this enemy by making yourself comfortable when you are uncomfortable. I remember the first few times I sat with self-doubt when someone posted a 1-star review of my eBooks. I wanted to fight these idiots. But after the feeling of willingness to fight had passed, I was ashamed and ashamed. I then felt like a fraud, a fake. Sitting with those emotions felt awful, but it felt really good to clear them up.

I grew calm, confident, and experienced greater success by trying too hard to overcome self-doubt. Success will follow you when you face your self-doubts while blogging and patiently, persistently and consistently defeat these fools.

Believe in yourself and your blog by facing the unbelieving part of yourself.

The benefits to this practice are limitless.

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