No joke; I need to do at least 3 or more hours of energy management daily to post 5 guest posts and 2-3 blog posts daily on Blogging From Paradise. I know that sounds crazy. But I manage my energy for a reason.

Every blogging fight starts in the head. All struggles begin in the mind because the energy does not circulate freely through the mind, body and being. I watched my thoughts and feelings about 2 minutes ago. I thought about taking a break because I didn't feel like writing this guest post. Why? I feared that writing this post would consume my free time.

If I am sitting with the disclosed fear, after 15 minutes of playing and posting this guest post, I have enough time to play. Fear grows through energies that are blocked, restricted or concentrated in your body and mind. People know that this has a stiff back, feels stiff in the neck, feels tight all over your body, or suffers from an extensive mental chaos. You know what I mean; Race thought syndrome.

All battles start in the head. Eradicate fears that fuel struggles. Fighting ends. Success begins. However, success only starts when you start patiently, persistently and kindly to watch your fears that fuel the fight. Watching fear – instead of burying fear or responding to fear – doesn't feel comfortable, but it frees you from fears and struggles. It's worth becoming a successful full-time blogger who plunges into fear and feels fear.

Do it. Thank you very much later. But do you know that following a daily energy management ritual is the most effective way to eradicate both fears and struggles fueled by those fears. I spend my day doing Kriya Yoga, Yin Yoga, a little Kundalini Yoga, meditation and power walking. I told you; I deal with 3 or more hours of energy management every day.

Do you know how many fears arise when you want to write a guest post 5 times a day? Lots. The commitment to pious energy management shows my fears of meeting these energies and releasing them. If I let go of these fears, I can write and publish 5 or more guest posts every day. Some see this as an impossible blogging achievement, as some bloggers fill their minds with fear, lack, limitation, and other energies that guarantee their struggles.

Other bloggers encounter, feel and solve these fears to believe that 5 guest posts a day are quite possible. Sure, it takes years of writing practice to write 5 helpful posts every day. Welcome as a professional blogger. Work out. Acquire skills.

Be patient, persistent, and generous. Success. Simple process, but sometimes this process feels uncomfortable because you feel, feel and let go of deep fears on your blogging journey. Enter hours of energy management daily. However, never dive in with one or more hours of mindset work.

Start small. Start with short, sweet sessions. Perhaps the best thing to do is meditate for 10 minutes. However, make sure you start today. Or expand your mindset training to identify fears that fuel your struggles. I don't particularly like tensing Kriya when I wake up. Stiffness feels unbearable to hug in moments.

But routinely uncovering, creating, feeling and relieving anxiety keeps me fresh, clear, productive, generous, and also enables me to help people more freely so that you and I can continue to be successful.

Sounds like it's worth a few moments of discomfort, doesn't it?


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