Sorry for the green screen problems, I didn't want to shoot with different lights to make the green screen perfect – you get it. This week we saw signs of a minor update to the Google search ranking algorithm – it wasn't huge, but it seemed to be impacting a smaller number of niches. John Mueller of Google said: "It would be wrong to say that the whole link building is bad." According to Google, spam reports are not used for manual actions. Google Image Search started the functions of the Knowledge Panel expander in the preview of the image search. Web Stories add a large thumbnail to your mobile search results. Google drops the tool for testing structured data that disrupts many SEOs – the test with extensive results is still available. Google has specified the help documents using the guidelines for structured data and several elements on one page. Google may include regular expressions in the search console performance report filters. Google said the indexing issue from early last month was actually a crawl issue. Google Ads has launched a new overview page with recommendations, optimization results and the option to add a new campaign. The Google Ads mobile app has added features for the Manager account. Google Ads has a new policy that doesn’t allow partners to be monitored. Google is testing a related search interface, which is contained in a box. Google tests video results in list views. Google has a bug where some searchers see two search fields. Who would win an SEO contest – John Mueller, Gary Illyes or Martin Splitt? Oh, and if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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