Snapchat users are watching more videos on mobile devices, and a report from the company claims the change in viewing behavior is continuing.

Snapchat commissioned a research study to understand how the mobile behavior of Gen Z and Millennials is evolving.

The study not only examines the habits of watching videos, but also the emotional reaction of users to watching videos on mobile platforms.

Snapchat uses these results to make recommendations that can help advertisers create richer video ads.

Here are the highlights from Snapchat's report on video consumption.

Mobile video consumption is increasing among younger viewers

Snapchat's study focuses on the mobile video consumption habits of Millennials and Gen Z (ages 13 to 34).

You will get a series of questions about how your mobile video viewing behavior has changed due to the pandemic.

The study shows that Gen Z and Millennials increased their video consumption significantly in 2020, with an emphasis on video content for mobile devices and social media.

Further results are:

  • Gen Z and Millennials watch videos on social media apps for over an hour a day.
  • 61% say they watch more videos on social media apps than they did before the pandemic.
  • 56% say they watch more videos in streaming apps on TV than they did before the pandemic.
  • 52% watch more videos in streaming apps on a smartphone than before the pandemic.

Ultimately, 52% of those surveyed say that this increased display behavior will continue.

Study finds video on Snapchat more immersive than other apps

The study examined the neurological responses to videos on Snapchat compared to other apps and reported positive results in areas of attention and emotional response.

Snapchat reports growth in mobile video viewing

“With the exception of Snapchat, the platforms tested caused longer and more frequent cases of less immersion and more likely negative experiences that led to disengagement.

Snapchat, on the flip side, showed longer and more frequent instances of higher immersion and caused less stress for Gen Zers and Millennials. "


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Snack for marketers

Snapchat reports that video content on its platform remains immersive even during promotional content.

Overall, Snapchat video ads were:

  • 8% more immersive than ads on the other apps tested.
  • 36% more immersive than the entire advertising industry benchmark.

Higher levels of immersion are associated with a higher likelihood of viewing ad content and finding more information about a product.

Snapchat users expect shorter videos. When asked how often they watch shorter videos on their mobile phones compared to longer videos, respondents said they strongly prefer videos under 5 minutes.

Snapchat reports that 61% of respondents watch 1 minute or less of videos several times a day.


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Whether you're creating organic or promotional content for Snapchat, the shorter you can deliver your message, the better.

Snapchat reports growth in mobile video viewing

“Ultimately, brands should examine these insights when developing creative and media recommendations. Think about why people use video on certain platforms and what emotional experiences they have when placing media purchases. Align the messages with the moods these videos are trying to satisfy.

Reduce emotional slumps from content to advertising with dedicated, attention-grabbing creatives. Think about when and how to use longer length ad content in a way that catches and sustains attention. "


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Source: Snapchat for Business


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