Social media marketing: more important than ever?

Social media marketing: more important than ever?

Social media was developed for such moments. It has a way to connect people despite limited circumstances. And there is never a better time for companies to deal with social media marketing. The only question is which approach you should take.

The value of social media in today's marketplace

Social media is powerful in any environment. It works in growth economies and recessions, small and large markets, technical niches and general industries, etc. However, it could be argued that social media do their best at such moments.

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted every aspect of life both locally and globally. One of the effects was the increase in the amount of time people spend at home. And what do people do when they hang out at home? Of course they go to their favorite social media apps!

"In search of time to kill, to search for information and to calm us down, more and more people are turning to online content," writes entrepreneur Shane Barker. "In fact, a Facebook report showed that the time it took to apply in Italy increased by about 70%."

And while this study focused specifically on Italy – one of the earliest affected nations – the same is true here in the United States. People spend more time online, engaging with more content, and looking for brands to fill a void (whether intentionally or not).

From a marketing perspective, it's time to get people involved. Yes, the circumstances are unique – but they have created an environment that is ripe for inclusion. If you don't take the opportunity, go all-in with social media. Your competitors will.

Tactful ways to use social media

Sounds great, you think, but where do I start? In other words, how can you use social media in a way that promotes positive awareness and high quality engagement? Well, you are in the right place. We have some deliberate and timely suggestions that you may overdo:

1. Focus on account growth through conversions

"We live in times when consumer spending has been limited to the essentials. So it would be unfair to expect your online marketing to increase sales now," says Barker. "But now is a good time to start your online business -Follower to build and publish the required content. "
Conversions are great, but shouldn't be your primary goal during these times. Instead, your strategy should focus on growing the account and engaging users. These are two factors that will continue to drive conversions after this pandemic ends.

2. Partner with social media influencers

The most successful brands use social media influencer strategies to connect with customers during COVID-19. This is done, among other things, by using services such as BabbleBoxx, with which brands can put their products in the hands of influencers, who then generate awareness in their name.

Social media influencers work for brands that already have a large fan base, but they are also extremely valuable for brands that have a small audience and limited online engagement. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, it is obvious that influencer marketing could be your number one tactic during this time.

3. Emphasize your target group

This is not about you! Your customers don't want to know how you fight, succeed, spin, or evolve in this pandemic. They take care of themselves and their own desires, needs, desires, etc. Make sure that your social media strategy reflects this. Listen to your audience, emphasize their weaknesses and create content that focuses on them. In this way, you build trust and fuel the flames of engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

4. Use video

Few content media are more engaging than videos. The visual nature, combined with the possibility of building trust, makes videos very powerful. If you haven't done so already, you can now experiment with this medium and find out what types of video content your audience will respond best to.

Become social for victory

Social media is only one aspect of marketing and customer loyalty – but an important one. And in today's environment, where more people spend more time online, this is arguably one of the more powerful channels available to you.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can speed up your efforts and get the results you need to maintain and grow your business in such unique circumstances.


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