Social media is pretty difficult; Here are some tips

Social media is pretty difficult; Here are some tips

Regardless of whether you are a young company or an aspiring influencer, it can be a difficult task to get a foothold on your social media accounts. No matter how hard you work to create great content, it doesn't matter if no one sees it.

Unfortunately, the landscape is competitive to get involved online. Everyone uses the same channels to gain new followers. Thinking outside the box and speaking to people offline, however, could be one way to increase the demands of your accounts.

Business Cards

This weak business card may seem like an archaic method for an earlier generation, but it can still be useful today. These small cards not only provide a convenient place to showcase your accounts, they are also cheap. You can get 1000 business cards for under $ 20.

Distributing them is the easy part. A retail store can include one with every purchase, possibly with a coupon on the back. Omit cards in high-traffic areas or quickly pull them out during conversations.


We all love getting something for free, which is why the right promotional item can make all the difference in the world. The key here is to find one that your target audience doesn't just throw in the trash.

The integration of the product into your company is of crucial importance here. For example, many companies can use a custom air freshener seamlessly with what they offer. A branded microfiber cloth is perfect for a glasses shop or an optician. And a water bottle can be a way for gyms or personal trainers to connect with their target audience of fitness junkies.

Direct mail

These staples of many companies can give a boost by promoting social media. However, it goes beyond sharing your social media accounts. Try to include them in a doctorate. You might give a discount if they contact you on Facebook to make an appointment. Or mention that special discount codes are often posted on Twitter and Instagram.

An easy way to get them where you want is a QR code (explained later). With a quick scan on their phone, they will be transported to your social media and hopefully to something worth tracking.

Wear it

Time to turn your wardrobe into a walking billboard. Especially important when trying to brand yourself as an influencer. Create a t-shirt, hat, or other piece of clothing that attracts attention. List your social media accounts. Sometimes listing the handles will bring up some followers who are curious about the person they just passed.

Use QR codes

QR codes never became the revolutionary marketing method we were promised, but they are still relevant today. Smartphone manufacturers like Apple have made it easier to scan software updates over the years. And the consumers answered.

Where you can place the QR codes wherever you can. Place them on receipts, business cards, menus, and promotional materials (such as air fresheners or key rings). Create a vinyl sticker or decal that you can plaster in the store and in car windows. Wherever there is a potential follower with a smartphone, there is an opportunity to gain a new follower.

Create a hashtag

It can be difficult to get someone to remember a name or company. But a catchy hashtag solves the problem. Create one that is relevant to your company and cannot be co-opted by competitors.

The best use for hashtag marketing is in radio and television advertising. You are dealing with an audience that listens passively. Like a catchy jingle, you want something to be embedded in memory for later.

Word of mouth

The oldest method in the book still has some struggles. When speaking to prospects, throw out your social media accounts in the hope that they will follow. And if you build a good relationship, they may even be willing to promote you to their accounts.

Industry events and congresses are two good examples of where this is useful. If you're an industry expert, try to get a talk where you can close your account.

Organize an event

An event can be the perfect tool to take a new look at your social media in an environment where you have full control. Plaster your accounts across the venue or on items like coasters and bracelets. Use Facebook to register for the event.

A smart trick is to create a reason to visit your accounts after the event. Hire a photographer who can take great photos of all participants and publish them to your social media account the next day. Or hold a raffle where the winner will be announced on Twitter. With an event, you can involve new followers and keep bringing them back to find out more.

Get creative

The lesson here is that online marketing goes beyond the boundaries of the internet. Offline offers new channels where you have less competition and more control over your potential audience. Brainstorm and invent inventive ways to build your brand. And as always, be patient. These things are not built overnight.


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