Home businesses come in several forms. For example, many online businesses, such as an online clothing store or professional services, are in demand today. Running a home business means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: making money and being with your family at the same time. However, there are challenges for private businesses as well, including limited work and storage space.

This article explains how storage units or self-storage solutions can help you manage a home business.

Keep supplies, tools, and devices safe

A major benefit of storage in Onehunga is the secure storage space for supplies, tools and equipment used in running a business. You likely have old tools, equipment, or computer hardware that you don't want to dispose of and would rather keep them in storage for future use or as a backup if your new ones fail.

This is how a reputable storage facility ensures the safe storage of items that you use for your home business:

  • The storage facilities are equipped with security functions, including video surveillance or surveillance cameras, fire alarms and security sensors.
  • Security guards are also deployed to roam the area and ensure that no one is allowed unauthorized entry into the warehouse.
  • Safety guidelines or protocols are followed by both warehouse staff and customers to ensure that nothing dangerous or hazardous is kept in the warehouse facilities.
  • Here you will find storage facilities that offer air-conditioned units for additional protection of your goods due to extreme changes in weather and humidity.

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Keep track of your supply

For stationary and online retailers, the handling of excess inventory is made easier by self-storage. In most cases, inventory is a challenge, and one way to gain full control over the changing seasons is to use self-storage solutions.

How self-storage solutions can help you with your inventory:

  • Temporarily store additional goods in a warehouse to better manage the day-to-day running of your home business.
  • Additional supplies may not have enough space in your home. If you keep them in your garage or garden shed, there is a risk of break-in or damage.
  • You can better prepare for peak sales between seasons and holidays. For example, summer releases happen in late July, so deliveries should be tackled earlier by obtaining some inventory in advance. You can keep the additional goods in your storage units until they are ready to be displayed.
  • Make sure your store has enough inventory at all times. If something runs out, you can easily take a trip to a warehouse in Onehunga to grab what you need.

Clean up clutter in your home

Ordering inventory from home or abroad can mean tons of cardboard boxes, plastics, bubble wrap, and other packaging problems. For a home business, you want to make space for your children and pets to enjoy playing.

It makes sense to rent a storage unit to provide additional inventory and keep the ones you need for samples or items for home listing. And when a customer orders, you can drive to the warehouse for extra supplies.

Save more money when buying in bulk

Manufacturers also offer great discounts at special times of the year. For example, manufacturers of snow shovels, gloves and sleds sell these items at reduced prices in the summer. You can buy them in the summer when prices are low, keep them in stock, and take them out in the winter when they are in demand and have a higher markup.

Keep your business costs down by considering bulk purchases. You can join an online group purchasing organization (GPO) to take advantage of this business concept. GPOs refer to cohorts of companies that want to reduce their business costs to the lowest cost per item by negotiating more supplier discounts on required goods.

Make the most of your home office space

Too many things in the house can affect a person's mood. When your home is disorganized, you spend more time cleaning and arranging things instead of focusing on your business. Keeping extra raw materials, unnecessary tools, furniture, and supplies in a warehouse gives you more space to work at home stress-free.


Managing a home business is made easier with the help of a warehouse. You keep track of your stock and keep your items safe before they are in demand again. It also means you can save more money as you can order goods when they are cheap and temporarily store them in a storage unit until they can be displayed in your home store or for shipping.

The article Storage Onehunga: How Storage Units Help In Managing a Home Business was first published in Home Business Magazine.


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