December 22, 2020


Kevin George


Gone are the days of spray and pray email marketing. You can't do these one-off "e-mail blasts" for every subscriber on your contact list. The email marketing landscape has changed rapidly thanks to the ever-increasing demand for personalized messages. The pursuit of higher subscriber engagement is the main reason for this transition. However, things are not as simple as it seems, as subscriber engagement is about getting the right message to the right message person at the right time.

According to a recent report by Campaign Monitor"Increasing retention rates was the top goal for 58% of marketers and the top obstacle for 44% of marketers." These numbers show how much customer loyalty means to email marketers and the importance of improving them.

So, I've rounded up some of the most effective tactics you can use to get your subscriber retention rate through the roof.

Dynamic and storytelling content

"Content is king" and content doesn't just deserve this title. For any communication, be it personal or professional, communication is the soul that applies to email marketing. Weaving storytelling content in your emails would instantly improve the online experience. You would be delighted from the start. It takes an extra effort to keep your storytelling and branding in sync, but it's subscriber engagement that you seek, so give it your all.

You can include value-added content in your storytelling, e.g. B. News, tips, customer success stories, tips and much more. According to a Forbes report, "Millennials are no longer hired by advertising alone."

If you strike the right chord with subscribers, your engaging content will also have an impact on sales. The connection with people on a personal level has a profound impact on their buying behavior. When done correctly, it can work wonders for your brand.

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Impactful subject lines

On average, 121 emails are received in each inbox every day. That's a lot of emails, regardless of whether they are personal, professional or promotional. In this sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemails, the subject line is the deciding factor in whether your email will be opened or another forgotten message that hasn't been read at all.

It is imperative to create subject lines that will have a significant impact on readers. You will reach out to them and increase your engagement rates. A well-designed subject line is short, enticing, and descriptive. You can choose different tonalities, e.g. B. personal, informative, instructions, etc. Adding emojis to subject lines is clever because they promise higher click-through rates.

Here's a good example of how a precise subject line can set the right premise for your email. The subject line for the Postable email is, "Refer your friends and get $$$." The messages are clear to the point, so the recipient knows exactly what to expect when they open the email.

Source: Really good emails

Personalized emails

A Campaign Monitor report found that "improving email personalization was the primary goal for 38% of marketers and the biggest challenge for 36% of marketers". To achieve personalization in your email marketing campaign, you can practice marketing automation, segmentation of email lists, and even third-party integrations.

It's easier to connect this chord with recipients when the content you are providing to them is relevant to them and suits their interests. Personalization doesn't just stop with adding the name in the subject line. Instead, you can get in touch with them even more, e.g. B. Write first person emails and more. The plan is to make them feel that you understand and value your email subscribers.

The following example of an email template shows the point I want to address. When a subscriber sees the recipient's name in the beginning, they'll trust you more, which would result in much higher engagement. This email sounds more like a well-designed letter than a robot email that you and I already receive truckloads from every day. Hence, a personalized email is a perfect start to a loyal and engaging subscriber base.

Source: Really good emails

Segmentation of your email lists

Personalization gives you higher subscriber engagement and nothing gets closer to personalization than segmenting your target lists. As email marketers, we create so much content that we sometimes forget the diversity of our respective user bases. Information relevant to one participant may be redundant to another. A great way to serve both is to segment your email list and create specific personalized content based on that.

For example, if you are experiencing low usage rates, your best bet is to send reactivation emails to attract inactive customers. For a more consistent customer, you can keep them updated on upcoming deals and deals.

The big snack here? Ultimately, customer loyalty is crucial for customer acquisition and possible customer loyalty. However, before trying to deal with them, it is better to understand them first. Understanding who your customers are, what they prefer, or how best to connect with them is imperative.

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