Advertise with your car

You have probably seen cars driving around with advertisements on the side or top of the vehicle. This is called wrapping. In this way, companies can become aware of their products and services. In addition, car owners can earn a bit more money this way. How to start if you want to advertise with your car.

Research company to advertise with your car

Unfortunately, there are many packaging scams out there. Scams vary, but if a company asks you for money, you should be careful. If you advertise with your car, this is a job. They should pay you, not the other way around.

A variation of this is that the company offers to send you money before you even advertise your car. Then they ask you to repay some of this money. This is a huge scam. Don't buy yourself.

If you're serious about wanting to advertise with your car, you'll need to do some research to make sure you're working with a legitimate company. According to Investopedia, Carvertise, Nickelytics and Wrapify are three legitimate companies to work with. Survey Clarity also lists Varvertise and Wrapify along with six other companies that they believe are legitimate.

But do your own research. Contact the Better Business Bureau. Read reviews from various companies. Be picky about who you work with.

How it works

When you register with a legitimate car packaging company, they will ask you a number of questions. Think of it this way: The people who advertise on your car want to make sure that the ads are seen by the right potential customers. Therefore, they need to know where you normally drive, how often you drive and where you may park your car. The more information you provide to the company, the more likely it is that you will be compared to good advertising opportunities.

Some of the things advertisers are looking for:

  • Typical kilometers traveled including routes (GPS information is often requested)
  • Clean, undamaged car
  • Your driving record, car insurance and your age (usually companies accept drivers from the age of 18)

When the right game comes, you will be notified by the car packaging company. You will receive all the details of the advertising campaign. This includes how long you advertise the product. Once you agree to the terms, the company will send you the ad. Often this is simply a vinyl sticker that you put on the side of your car. Of course, you follow all the rules that you have agreed to for the campaign.

Then sit back and let the money in. While you shouldn't expect to get rich when you advertise your car, you can definitely earn extra extra income. According to reports, you can earn a few hundred dollars a month this way. Some people earn more depending on the ads they qualify for.

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