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Do you dream of repairing computers or even developing technologies for NASA, but are not sure where to apply?

While Silicon Valley is a great place to start on the tech job scene, we've also found some other evolving tech hubs that may fit your lifestyle better.

The Northern California region may have been in the technical spotlight for a while, but now jobs are expanding to other regions of the country. If you are interested in a technical job, you simply know that you have other options.

We have rated over 300 cities on:

  • The increase in technical jobs
  • The total percentage of tech jobs

We measured tech jobs using information from the latest American Community Survey records from the US Census Bureau (2014-2018). We then compared it to the previous data set to see the growth.

First, we looked at the rise in technical jobs to see which cities saw the biggest boom. The faster jobs are created, the more likely opportunities are and the more desirable you are on the job market.

We have determined the number of residents who have jobs in IT, engineering and other technical fields. One limitation of the approach is to investigate who lives in one city, and some of these workers may commute to work in other cities.

Then we examined what percentage of the workers in a city are technicians. The growth is great, but if a 100% increase is just a five to ten person increase, it's not that impressive. However, a stronger tech community is a promising sign for future startups and growth.

Based on our analysis, these cities are the best places to find a growing number of technical jobs.


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