The 25 best Instagram bots that are guaranteed to grow your fan base

The 25 best Instagram bots that are guaranteed to grow your fan base

There are a lot of Instagram bots at the moment. It is almost impossible to count them and there is no telling what you will get with each one. Their quality varies, to say the least.

That's why we decided to make this list
together. It contains 25 of the best Instagram bots on the market that we have
tested and approved by myself. All of the bots listed below are guaranteed to send
Your follower will count in no time.

1. SocialMeep

With a tool like SocialMeep, you'll never want to go back to manual interaction. This is because no one can match the results they can deliver. Not only is it faster, but it also has precise targeting capabilities that can filter out any fake spam accounts that you'd better ignore anyway. So you can always trust this captain to lead your ship in the right direction.

One element that sets SocialMeep apart from the competition is the SmartGrowth module. With the help of machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence systems can learn and become more efficient over time. This module is on the service's turbo plan, which operates at ten times the speed of its regular plans. All available plans also include real-time analytics and growth reports built right into the easy-to-navigate dashboard.

2. Growthoid

Unlike other services on this list, Growthoid is a manual service that puts safety first and no risk of getting banned from Instagram. Growthoid is the next generation of growth services.

Just get started and connect your account. Then you instruct your manager how to aim and he'll do the rest and expand your account for you.

3. Firing table

If Instagram is a launch pad for you
Marketing campaign, then Firing Table is the ship that will bring you something new
Heights. It does the job of motivating your audience and attracting new followers
So you focus on creating and improving your content.

Firing table is one of the cheapest
Services around as their prices are almost 20% cheaper than average. they
There are currently three plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. The first is
one basic automation package while the second increases speed and gives you
priority support. Finally, the third option comes with automated DMs and
Remarks. You will find Firing Table goes above and beyond to support them

4. GoViral

GoViral is a service that should get everyone's attention. Her customers include many well-known influencers and brands from various industries. What attracts them all is GoViral's commitment to high quality engagement. Not only do you get followers, likes and views, but they also come from real Instagram users whose interests match your content.

GoViral's ordering system is a simple two-click process that takes just seconds. All you have to do is give them your username, choose the package you want and enter your payment details. If you'd like further customizations, you can also have the interactions sent immediately or at a rate of your choice. There is also a recurring package option that allows you to send likes and views within 60 seconds of every new post you write.

5. Ektora

As you may know, most of the Instagram bots are breaking the Instagram platform policy by pulling data and interacting with Instagram (via APIs or SDKs). These bots can harm your Instagram profile.

Ektora carries out actions on your behalf directly within the official Instagram mobile app. Don't be afraid to receive an “Action Blocked” or “Account Compromised” notification. you won't. You can start a free trial today and get full access to the botting features. The pricing is pretty straightforward: the first subscription is $ 99 / month, the second and following are only $ 29 / month each.

6th ViralRace

ViralRace delivers in every way when it comes to Instagram growth. They have a variety of packages to buy likes, views and followers. The key to their effectiveness is that they connect you with real, active users who already tend to enjoy your content. That means any interactions you receive will be organic and safe.

This Instagram bot allows you to set the order to be issued all at once or gradually over time, depending on your preference. There is also the option to split likes and views across any number of posts. Their multitude of options make them ideal for customers of all sizes, whether they are aspiring influencers or established companies. They provide the social evidence needed to get onto Instagram's Discover page and reach a wider audience than ever before.

7. Gold nitro

Gold Nitro is worth its weight in … well, you
can already guess where we're going with this one. To say it was hardly one
Exaggeration. There are few other Instagram bots that can keep up
Value. The 14-day free trial alone is considering the amount of
you will get free growth within this time.

With your standard package you get the usual
Basic food for automated actions (likes, followers and unfollowers), hashtag
Targeting, analytics and filters to avoid ghost and bot users. Meanwhile,
If you choose Pro, you get all of that plus location targeting, competitor
Follower targeting, automatic welcome messages, personalized hashtag
Suggestions and turbo speeds.

8. MegaFollow

It's difficult to beat MegaFollow in terms of
Speed. Your bot sends likes and follows at the maximum rate that Instagram
allowed. For this reason, they also have a pause function built in so you can use yours
Instagram account usually whenever you feel like it.

MegaFollow is remarkably flexible
comes to his plans. You can get them for different periods of time,
including 3, 10, 30, 90, 180 and 360 days. That means there is no pressure
commit yourself longer than you'd like. Every plan has the exact one
Same set of features so you don't have to worry about missing out.

9. Combin

Combin is very unique compared to the others
this list. It is the only one included in a plan that is completely devoid of
charge. Although getting a lot of growth really isn't enough (just you
250 promotions per day) this is a great introductory demonstration of the

If you liked your experience with the starter
Plan, then you could move on to one of the other two plans. There is a personal one
Plan that gives you unlimited promotions and an expanded Instagram
User search. However, if you do a major task with two through five
Accounts, then you will probably want to take advantage of the business offer instead.

10. CheapIGFollowers

Here's a bot to be excited about. You will be surprised how much control and customization you get with CheapIGFollowers. You can choose the speed, the time it's active, the level of engagement, and much more. It also comes with a post scheduler that you can use to add watermarks to your content.

Their standard plan is aimed at users with
only manage one account. The next step is Premium, which is up to
three accounts. If that's still not enough, there is always your agency
to plan. This can manage 10 accounts and includes a dedicated account manager
Who can create personalized campaigns for your brand.

11. Instamber

Instamber is another service that shares yours
Bots into smaller, separate plans. This is great for saving money
You cut out the stuff you don't want. Your selection is divided into four parts
Packages: an Instagram bot for likes and followers; a direct messenger who can
Send to followers and non-followers alike; a comment manager that collects and
sorts all your comments in one area; and a post manager for planning your
Photos and videos.

Instamber does not require any downloads
What ever. Everything is stored over a convenient cloud base that you can
Access from any device.

12. Popamatic

If you go with Popamatic you can rest
assures that you are in good hands. Your team of virtual assistants are
friendly, informed and determined to bring you the best growing experience
possible. They manage your account according to your specifications and send you
monthly growth reports with suggestions for improvement.

Popamatic's monthly plan only lasts five
Minutes to sign up, enter your preferred targeting settings, and get started.
Then you can leave the rest to your assigned assistant. You can rely on them
to handle your account with care as Popamatic has a flawless track record with
No users have been blocked so far.

13. Instabow

Instabow is full of features.
It can auto-follow, unfollow, send direct messages, repost, post
Planning and planning stories. The last two schedulers are full
Connectivity with Dropbox too, so you can upload your content on the fly.

However, if you go with their basic plan, everyone
You get the planning functions. Hence the pro plan that has
Everything in the above paragraph along with the Spintax support is much better
Deal overall. Then there is the business plan, which can process up to 15
Accounts at the same time.

14. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes is perfect for creating a buzz on Instagram. Your account managers know exactly how to increase your visibility and gain tons of real followers. You can talk to them at any time, request changes, discuss goals, and develop campaigns with them.

Contact with your managers can be established
by phone or email. You can also request a progress report
anytime and they deliver it within two working days.

15. SocialMortal

SocialMortal is a service designed just for you
Mortals among us. It does not require divine, supernatural knowledge
work. In fact, it's so simple that you hardly have to do anything.
Just sit back and let the team of experts take care of everything

Your standard plan goes well with this
Newbies and will bring you an estimated 800-1200 followers per month. Bonus,
In the meantime, there are more targeting features and you'll be snapping between 1200 and 1800
Pendant. Then there is the master plan which increases it to 1800-2400+ new
Followers on a monthly basis. If none of these are exactly what you're looking for
Then you could try contacting them about a bespoke deal
to plan.

16. Instajool

For those of you who are always on the go and
If you are looking for instant access, Instajool should meet your needs. You can log in
into that bot's dashboard on any device you can think of. That's because
It works exclusively through your browser window, without apps or additional functions

In addition, Instajool is also the first choice
for people who have a wide variety of Instagram accounts. Your basic plan
allows 10 accounts, while your advance plan can manage up to 100. Both
Plans cover your likes, episodes, and comments.

17. Instazood

An area that some Instagram bot services prefer
Instagram Stories is negligible. People often check who viewed theirs
This is another great way to get people to visit your page. Fortunately
There is Instazood that allows stories to be displayed automatically.

Instazood consists of four modules that
You can choose between. There is an Instagram bot for likes / follow / comments, a
Comment tracker, a direct messenger and a post manager.

18. Follow like

FollowingLike says it can help you
"Dominate social networks." A quick look through their offerings shows
that they're not kidding about it. They have bots for almost everyone
Main network including: Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest,
Reddit and Tumblr.

The list of activities your Instagram bot can do
Performance is enormous. It can follow / dislike, like / dislike, comment, send DMs,
Plan posts, search users, search photos, search for followers, create
Black and white lists of users and more. Best of all, you can get it all for one
one-time fee and never have to pay again.

19. Influuuu

Influuu is thorough when it comes to doing that
Basis. The first thing they want is a list of similar accounts in
your niche. Next they give you a form that you can fill out about yourself or yourself
Brand. After submitting this data, do extensive research in
to develop a powerful strategy that will ensure your success.

Influuu has three plans: growth, influence,
and viral. Growth is intended for beginners who are satisfied with around 500
new followers every month. The influence goes one step further with monthly
Competitive research, keyword / hashtag optimization, and a monthly goal of 1600
Pendant. Finally, for the advanced user, there is Viral: this is coming
with a live chat function with your own account manager to help you
You get 2000 or more new followers every month.

20. Upleap

If you want to jump over your Instagram
Rivals, then Upleap should do the trick. All you have to do is give yours
Account managers have the right information to get the job done. This contains
Hashtags and a profile of your audience so your manager can do the smart
Target system for interacting with the right users.

Upleap is available in Lite, Standard, and
Premium versions. The higher tier plans provide the ability to automate your plans
View Instagram stories, plus location-based and premium support

21. Immediately

Instant lives up to its name. Within two
Minutes you can connect your Instagram account and start a free one
two-week trial. They offer you access to the full service without any functions
withheld, and let it decide in the end if the results are encouraging
enough to continue with a paid subscription.

You can choose to pay every two weeks
(two weeks) or monthly. There is also a separate plan for anyone who so wishes
to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

22. Jarvee

Similar to FollowingLike, Jarvee is a
"All-in-one" bot. It can be used to automate your Instagram, Facebook,
Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts. Well, if you
If you ever want to wrap it all up in one service, Jarvee should be there
at the top of your list.

With their starter plan, you can connect 10
Accounts on all eight platforms while the Professional Plan can manage 70.
If you still need more than that, their premium plan goes up to one
a staggering 150 accounts.

23. Social runner

Feel like you're falling behind everyone
otherwise? Social Runner can give you the boost you need to stay on top of the world
Pack. It's also completely hands-free as all you have to do is provide it
with the usernames of other accounts in your area.

Your basic plan offers moderate growth with
Basic targeting. If you want maximum growth and custom targeting then you've come to the right place
should upgrade to the Pro plan. Finally there is the business plan that has
Advanced targeting, custom growth strategies, and monthly progress reports.

24. Ingramer

Ingramer overcomes all the confusion
with the power of simplicity. You have four different modules to choose from:
Basic (Like, Follow, and Don't Follow), Scheduled Post, Direct Messages, and
Comment tracker. Each of these bots has two weeks, one month and three months
Plans with the same functions.

Ingramer can run 1250+
Interactions per day. It's carefully calibrated to get the highest speeds
so, without breaking the rules of Instagram, there is no need to be scared

25. Instavast

Instavast is about as reliable as they come.
They earned their place on this list by providing a reliable service
reasonable prices and all the standard features you could want. They have
an Instagram bot (likes, comments and follow), an auto-DM bot, a comment tracker,
and a post scheduler.

They also have discount packages where you can
Save money by creating a balance with them that can be distributed
between the bot services you prefer.



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