Scale what you can

If you hesitate to think that part of an email outreach campaign should or can be scaled or automated, you've probably not done enough.

Perhaps you can afford to get everything done by copying your contact and entering a new message if you send 10 to 20 emails a day. And you can probably do manual tracking by finding all of these emails in your Sent folder and seeing which ones didn't get a reply.

Looking back, you can probably assess the effectiveness of your campaign by remembering that you heard from 1-2 of these bloggers that your success rate was 10% -20%.

But let's face it, even if you get a link from this effort, it won't make much of a difference in terms of your website traffic or rankings.

If you really need results, you need to send hundreds of emails, and you may be looking for someone (or more people) to help you with some parts of this process. And yes, most of the time you will be looking for tools with which you can actually implement and consider your outreach strategy.

At IMN, we use many internally developed tools to create a well-informed and effective link building process.

However, if you do get in touch at home, here are some tools you can use to implement your contact campaign:

Monitor your (and your team's) email productivity

With Email Analytics, you can track your team’s progress and productivity. It shows how many emails are sent and how quickly your team responds to emails. It offers daily and weekly email activity reports that help you identify areas that need your attention:


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