1. Microsoft Advertising rolls out ad suggestions that are automatically applied
  2. Instagram allows story drafting
  3. Google Ads explains first party data requirements
  4. Microsoft introduces Responsive Ad Unit for car sales
  5. Take the week
  6. ICYMI
  7. Lightning round

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Microsoft Advertising rolls out ad suggestions that are automatically applied

The controversial new feature, launched in April, uses variations of existing ad copy and targeting to automatically generate ads for ad groups in Microsoft Advertising accounts. Anyone who wants to disable the feature can do so on the Account Settings tab.

Advertisers who have signed up for this feature can find the ad suggestions on their Recommendations tab. There you have the option to edit, pause or close them before they go live automatically after 14 days.


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Everyone who has signed up will also receive an email notification when the ad suggestions are broadcast live.

Read about it here.

Instagram allows story drafting

Instagram will soon be posting draft stories so users can save stories before they are posted live. This enables social media managers to ensure that stories are published at the optimal time for their audience or event.

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Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin outlined Google's policy on first party data in response to a tweet from Navah Hopkins.

Hello Navah, thanks for your patience. Subdomains, country TLDs, and vanity URLs owned by the same company are considered a first party context. (I believe there is a domain limit of 5 per first party set for vanity URLs.)

– Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin) March 19, 2021

Information collected from forms about subdomains, country TLDs, and vanity URLs owned by the same company is considered first party data and can be used to generate audiences in Google Ads.

Read about it here.

Microsoft introduces Responsive Ad Unit for car sales

Auto Ads that are currently in Open Beta can be displayed in Bing search results or on the Microsoft Advertising Network. These ads use a campaign structure with no keywords and use the product information provided by the advertiser to match them against relevant queries.

US or UK advertisers interested in trying out auto ads can contact their Microsoft Advertising representative or apply online.

More about it here.

Take the week

David Kyle's customer received this email from a Google representative and we are really, really sad about it. Keep your friends and your customers closer.


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Here is an email from a Googler who left my agency and told them that we "missed" enabling automatically applied updates. This is an important setting that he urgently needs to activate and asks him to do it from EOD. 😠 #ppcchat #googleads pic.twitter.com/8ULR9Nhr7A

– David Kyle (@DavidKyle) March 25, 2021


Forget what you heard. Shaun Elley can testify that Microsoft Shopping campaigns are working (and working!).

PSA – Microsoft (Bing) purchases may work (a lot of naysayers lately).

Started these campaigns about a week ago as a test – currently at about 3.5x Roas on those $ 5k after the first week #ppcchat pic.twitter.com/2e0TxDxeaq

– Shaun Elley (@ selley2134) March 25, 2021

Lightning round

We answer your important questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment:

  • Who should you contact the next time you need a creative collection line?
  • What do Facebook advertisers need to know about the iOS 14.5 updates?
  • When will Twitter Spaces be available for desktop?
  • Now where can your customers find a list of your competitors?
  • Why does Google Ads recommend advertisers use their competitors' trademarked terms in ad copies?
  • How can you see the actual data for YouTube columns for earned promotions?

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