What are the benefits of using the Chrome extension?

Get the level of your competitors right away

Find out about backlinks, social shares and influencer insights that are automatically updated as you surf to see how successful your competitors really are.

Save a lot of time doing content research

Inform your content strategy continuously with a single click.

Examine all of the online content

The BuzzSumo Chrome Extension gives you access to 8 billion articles – the world's largest index of social engagement data. With BuzzSumo, you have the performance metrics.

Let the data speak

Sometimes you can read some piece of content and think, "Wow, that's great" or maybe, "Wow, that's not great".

But your gut feeling may not always align with the general consensus.

Let the data speak. As you read, analyze and understand what really makes a piece of content successful.

So this is the BuzzSumo Chrome extension. Sign up for a free trial for 30 days of free search and install the extension here.


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