Some time ago, a patient came to the andrology department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital with "erectile dysfunction". The author inquired about the medical history during the consultation. The patient felt that the hardness of the erection was not as good as it was 3 months ago. During intercourse, he was barely able to use erectile dysfunction treatment clinics, sometimes not at all. Accompanied by waist pain, weakness and weakness, based on what I heard daily and the experiences of friends, I came to the conclusion that "I have kidney deficiency, I have to make it up!". So I went to the pharmacy and bought some health products to "tone the kidney and strengthen the yang". After taking it, I gradually felt that energy and libido improved, and erections improved too, but the good times did not last long. After a month, dry mouth and tongue, insomnia, dysphoria, and energy cravings began to decrease. He lost strength again during intercourse. I thought that the amount of medication was insufficient, and then I increased the dosage myself, but the situation is getting worse. Now my erectile function is severely impaired, I can barely introduce it, and I have obvious symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, back pain and dry mouth. The tongue and pulse were carefully examined, the tongue was dark red, the surface of the tongue was dry with cracks, there was little coating, and the pulse was thin and weak. Those who have studied traditional Chinese medicine will know that there are obvious signs of "lack of kidney essence and insufficient true yin," telling patients that the culprit is the previously taken medicine for "kidney and fortifying yang" and slowly adapt them with oyster cordyceps tablets unit of ten for male performance enhancement. Revitalize the kidney and marrow, restore the true yin in the kidney, and gradually recover after 1 month.

In fact, Chinese medicine had a thorough understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, and treatments for erectile dysfunction from a very early age. The penis is closely related to several organs such as the kidneys, liver and gallbladder, spleen, stomach and heart. In the "kidney". In addition, even “kidney deficiency” cannot simply and one-sidedly be understood as “kidney yang deficiency”. The kidney is the innate source of reproduction, and the substance in the kidney is the kidney essence, which can be divided into yin and yang, the nourishing, warming and qi-forming effects of the kidney. It is important for maintaining an erection. Kidney deficiency is just a general term that encompasses many aspects such as Kidney Yang Deficiency, Kidney Yin Deficiency, Kidney Qi Deficiency, and Kidney Essence Deficiency. However, in the minds of many people, Kidney Deficiency is related to Kidney Yang Deficiency. If you follow this understanding to blindly feed the kidney, you can make mistakes by "walking in the opposite direction" and "holding a salary to fight the fire." The above-mentioned patients blindly take the kidney-strengthening and strengthening yang medicine when the kidney essence is insufficient and the kidney yin has too weak a male biogenix reinforcement. If you add oil to the fire, it will naturally burn the kidney yin and use up the kidney essence, and the condition will no doubt worsen. .

In addition to the “kidney”, the “liver” is also very important for initiating and maintaining the erection of the penis. Chinese medicine also called the penis “Zongjin”, the liver is the main part of the muscles and the penis is the part of the liver meridians, so that the “liver” is closely connected to the erection. The theory of "impotence is treated from the liver" began in "Huang Di Nei Jing" and was widely used in clinical practice during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now home remedies for erection, it has become a consensus in treating erectile dysfunction in Chinese medicine.

In ancient times, due to the low standard of living and inadequate nutrition, there were many people with kidney deficiency, so erectile dysfunction treatment was mainly used to stimulate the kidney. However, in today's abundant material society, few people suffer from inadequate food intake and kidney deficiency is decreasing. On the contrary, due to overeating, fat, sweet and fatty, or alcohol addicts, the body generates moist heat, stagnates the liver and gallbladder, and relies on the Zongjin meridian to block the circulation of qi and blood in the penis. cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, emotional factors can easily lead to liver qi stagnation and liver failure, which can lead to an imbalance of qi and blood in the penis and erectile dysfunction. The current faster and faster pace of life, the pressures at work to be viagra-free, and complicated interpersonal relationships make many people prone to unhealthy emotions such as tension, anxiety, and depression. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver depression and qi stagnation can affect erection over time. Even when there is kidney deficiency, many people have bad habits like staying awake late and thermophilic, fatty foods.

In short, when treating erectile dysfunction in Chinese medicine, a distinction must be made between deficiency and excess, and between cold and heat. Elderly people with physical failure or malnutrition are mostly treated with natural kidney deficiency testosterone, but it is also necessary to distinguish between yin deficiency, yang deficiency, and qi deficiency. Middle-aged and young patients may have poor emotional stimulation due to their relatively strong bodies, or their diets may be spicy, irritating, and greasy. Less often, treatment is based on empirical data such as damp heat and liver depression, and symptomatic treatment is used to clear the damp heat of the liver and gallbladder, calm the liver and relieve depression, and work with diet control and mood regulation. Don't think about invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang when you encounter a poor erection. If you do not investigate the cause of the disease, you will not only be useless but also harm your body medications like over-the-counter Viagra.


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