The day we have been waiting for arrived on Wednesday February 10th. The Passage Ranking (formerly known as Passage Indexing) is live in US English search results. Google confirmed this after I called Google's Danny Sullivan the other day about the status.

Danny Sullivan said on Twitter that the Passage ranking went online "about two hours after". I asked about it. Danny shared "Passage Ranking Pacific Time started yesterday afternoon for US requests in English. It will come in English for more countries in the near future, then other countries and languages ​​after that. We will update this thread as these additional starts happen. "

About two hours after you asked 🙂

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) February 11, 2021

In the ranking of the short passages, Google's method of algorithmically sifting through a long piece of content and understanding that one particular passage or set of passages is query X while another is specific passage or set of passages Y may be a query in the same document. Google is able to evaluate the same content, but different passages within this content, separately and for different queries. Google doesn't index them separately, but arranges them separately.

I thought it might be live because we saw another unconfirmed update a few days ago, but Google's Danny Sullivan said no, that's not that. He said, "This is before we started the Passage ranking. " Yes, the February 8 or so update was before February 10, so they have nothing to do with each other.

That is before we started the passage ranking.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) February 11, 2021

I have a ton of stories on the subject, here are most (if not all):

This should be a big update. Google said it would affect about 7% of searches when it was announced back in October. Google then said, "This is going to be a global change that improves 7% of queries." Well it wasn't a global change, at the moment it's only US / English but I assume it had a huge impact on the US / English results.

The funny thing is, all of the automated tracking tools and SEO community chatter has been pretty low in terms of search volatility since the Passage ranking started. That is, if you look at the data recorded on or after February 11th (reminder, this started at night on February 10th so you would see the data the day after), that's the plotted volatility and chatter much quieter than the days before due to the February 8th update. But it kind of makes sense since SEO optimized websites wouldn't be affected by this update anyway.

An important pointI see a lot of SEOs saying they "see" the passage ranking in the search results. You can't see them, they don't look any different, they probably don't have the ability to scroll to text as Google stated that they don't look or behave differently from the other search result snippets.

Does not work like that. This is one of many ranking factors with which we deliver the results overall.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) February 12, 2021

Did you notice any major changes in the ranking of your websites on February 10th, Pacific time?

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