Google updated the Google Search Console API to give us faster, more current data, the ability to filter data based on the message filter, support for domain properties in sitemaps, and guidelines for migrating the Discovery document.

Much of this may be due to the fundamentals that Google set when the company upgraded the API infrastructure for the Search Console API. Back she told Google there were "currently no changes in scope or functionality" but now we're getting them.

New data now in the Google Search Console API

Google provided us with more up-to-date data for the performance reports in the Google Search Console in September 2019, and new data came in for Discover reports in December 2019. Now the API can also show you this data.

Just note that the new dates are "not final". When you get the final set of that data, the numbers may change, Google said.

To access this new data, you must pass the request parameter dataState with the value all. The data you get for this value also includes fresh data that is not yet final. If you only want to get final data, you can either pass this parameter with the value final or not pass it at all, and by default you will only get final data, according to Google.

Message filter in the Google Search Console API

In July 2020, Google added a message filter option to the performance reports in the search console. You can now also access this data in the API.

Google said, "This information is now also available in the API. It can be accessed by setting the value of the searchType parameter in the message request."

Support of domain properties in the Sitemaps API

I am surprised this took so long. Google added checking and viewing of domain properties back in February 2019. Domain Properties allows you to set up a new verified property in the search console that allows you to combine multiple properties in the search console into one to see an overall view of the data.

The Sitemaps API now supports domain properties like other Search Console APIs do. You can query, add and delete your sitemaps for domain properties, for example:


Discovery Doc Migration

Google has announced that it will end the support in the webmaster identification document. According to Google, for those who query the Search Console API using an external API library or query the Webmaster API Discovery Document directly, you will need to update your API calls to reflect the following changes.

Here is a screenshot of those changes:

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