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Older workers understand the challenges of finding a good job. Many employers are looking for younger candidates, even if age discrimination itself is illegal.

In some cases, however, companies are looking for more experienced employees to fill certain roles.

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has recently identified numerous jobs that appear regularly on, a national job exchange that focuses on jobs for people over 50.

The 11 types of jobs that appeared most frequently in the analysis of the center are:

  • Office and administrative support: 15% of job advertisements
  • Health care support: 14%
  • Sales and related: 11%
  • Computer and math: 10%
  • Transport and material transport: 9%
  • Naturopath and technical professions: 7%
  • Management: 7%
  • Food preparation and serving: 7%
  • Protection service: 4%
  • Business and finance operations: 4%
  • Installation, maintenance and repair: 3%

Unfortunately, many of these positions have one major disadvantage, as the study's authors note:

“However, the jobs that employers actively target older workers tend to be poor quality part-time jobs with no benefits. This segment of the job market may be suitable for older workers looking for bridge jobs, but those who want to substantially extend their careers need full-time work with health and pension benefits. "

Older workers have a good chance of being considered for certain roles, but this does not mean that age discrimination will disappear in the foreseeable future.

As the center notes, a recent separate study found that hiring managers from companies in 30 industrialized countries, including the United States, interviewed older applicants much less often.

According to the study, older candidates have "lower technological skills, flexibility and training ability".

Still there is hope. The center points to additional research showing that employers consider workers over 55 to be at least as productive as younger workers.

The center closes:

“People in their fifties and sixties are good workers. The hard part is often getting your foot in the door. "

For tips on what to do and avoid while getting your foot in the door, go to:

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