Pinterest Ads are a fast pass ticket to increase your reach on Pinterest.

And there is Pinterest discovery Platform, it is filled with users who have intention acquire.

In this ultimate Pinterest ad guide, we cover everything you need to know: from creating your first ad to ensuring that it stands out and achieves your business goals.


  1. What are Pinterest ads?
  2. An overview of the different types of Pinterest ad formats
  3. How to set a target audience for Pinterest ads
  4. 3 tips to create awesome Pinterest ads
  5. How to measure the success of Pinterest ads

What are Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads are usually like all other pins, except that they have been sponsored to get extra attention in relevant search results.

A Pinterest business account holder can choose to advertise existing pins with the best performance, create a new image or video, or even advertise an image pinned by a website.

As soon as an ad is set up in Pinterest Ads Managerit will appear in users' home feeds and relevant search results:

How does Pinterest decide which ads to show on a user's home feed?

This is usually based on that of a user historical activity.

For example, if a user regularly searches for beauty or wellness inspiration, ads on those topics will likely appear in their feed.

Billie Razor Ad

Pinterest ads can target demographics such as age and location, categories and interests so that you can reach the right audience for your brand.

They are one of the most effective ways to increase traffic, increase conversions, and increase brand awareness!

Would you like to delve deeply into Pinterest's marketing strategies? We offer you our full guide to using Pinterest for business!

An overview of the different types of Pinterest ad formats

Pinterest offers various ad formats to help you achieve your specific campaign goals.

Before you start a Pinterest advertising campaign, you need to understand the unique values ​​of each format.

Each ad format is designed to help you reach key campaign goals Pinterest collapses in several categories:

  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales

Here are the 5 different types of Pinterest ad formats you can choose from:

Pinterest Ad Type # 1: Sponsored Pins

Sponsored pins are one of the most popular types of ads on Pinterest for a reason.

over 83% of weekly US Pinners Buy based on pins you see from brands. So it's always a good idea to give your pins an extra boost in visibility.

The Promoted Pin format allows you to present products and content in simple vertical or square image or video formats, like in this example LOW::

Moo Ads on Pinterest

As soon as a user saves a sponsored pin on a board, the "Promoted" label disappears and becomes an organic pin that is shared in the Pinterest ecosystem.

And the more people save, the better known your brand will be at no additional cost. For example, the sponsored Moo-Pin looks after it has been saved on a saved pinner board:

Saved pin display

If a user clicks on the sponsored PIN, they will be redirected to your website with the tap of a finger.

Pinterest ads previously followed a two-tap system where the first click enlarged the Pinterest ad. However, this process has now been optimized to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

TIP: Organic Rich pens You are still working through the two-tier system, so promoted pins really give brands an edge here.

For the Promoted Pin format, here are the recommended specifications:

  • File type: .PNG or .JPEG
  • Ideal aspect ratio: 2: 3
  • File size: Max 10 MB

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Pinterest Ad Type # 2: Sponsored Carousels

Sponsored carousels are similar to sponsored pins, except that users can wipe multiple images or videos (called "cards") in a single pin.

With Promoted Carousels you can add 2 to 5 cards.

Each card has its own title, description and link. You may be able to link to 5 different websites from a sponsored carousel – ideal for creating more conversion opportunities with a single pin!

According to a Pinterest case study, REI Carousel Ad increased the clickthrough rate by 32%!

pinterest carousel ads

This ad format is ideal when you want to promote multiple products or present a product with multiple functions, with each card highlighting a different function.

Wherever this ad format is located, they can appear wherever normal pins can. The only thing that visually distinguishes them from other pens is the dotted prompt for wiping under the first card in the carousel pen:

For the sponsored carousel format, here are the recommended specifications:


  • Number of images: 2-5 images per Pinterest carousel
  • File type: PNG or JPEG
  • Maximum file size: 32 MB per image
  • Aspect ratio: 1: 1 or 2: 3

Number of characters:

  • Title: Up to 100 characters. The first 30-35 characters appear in the people's feeds.
  • Description: Up to 500 characters. The first 50-60 characters are the most important.

Pinterest Ad Type # 3: Sponsored Video Pins

Video pins are a great way to share stronger stories with your audience, and they're also great for increasing audience engagement.

Adding an extra boost to your video pins can do a great job in improving your Pinterest performance!


Although sponsored video pins work the same way as sponsored pins, Pinterest reports that users are 53% more likely to buy a brand / product after watching a video.

This ad format is available for desktop or mobile devices and is ideal for instructions or for telling more engaging stories about a brand or product.

TIP: Always optimize your sponsored video pins for silent viewing. Many users watch videos with the sound turned off. Using text overlays is therefore a great way to keep everyone busy!

Note how technical clothing brand A DAY reaches all viewers by using text in their videos:

ADAY Pinterest ad

Pinterest offers two sizes for sponsored video pins: maximum width and standard.

Standard-width videos are the same size as regular pins, while maximum-width videos are spread across the feed, minimizing distraction from competing pins.

The maximum video exposure is usually more expensive because the minimum bids are higher.

For sponsored video pins, use the following specifications:

  • File type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v
  • Coding: H.264 or H.265
  • Maximum file size: Up to 2 GB
  • Video length: At least 4 seconds, maximum 15 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: less than 1: 2 (width: height), greater than 1.91: 1

TIP: Pinterest recommends Make your videos square (1: 1) or vertical (2: 3, 9:16).

Number of characters:

  • Title: Up to 100 characters. The first 30-35 characters appear in the people's feeds.
  • Description: Up to 500 characters. The first 50-60 characters are most likely to appear in people's feeds. So put your most important information first.

Sponsored video pins can appear in users' home feeds, search results, and the "More of it" section under a pin close-up.

Pinterest video scheduling is available for all paid plans starting at just $ 9 per month. Upgrade now!

Pinterest Ad Type # 4: shopping needles

This format is perfect for all purchases!

Pinterest's shopping pins allow you to upload products from your catalog and turn them into pins that you can use to reach people when they decide to buy.

Brands use them to promote things like the latest spring fashion, living room decor, fitness equipment, and more.

The campaign goal available for desktop or mobile is conversions (i.e. sales growth). Shopping pins are also displayed in the same places as a sponsored pin, as in a user's home feed.

Shopping pins are particularly valuable for brands because they can be loaded with product details. They are marked with indicators that users can tap to see more product information.

This is ideal if you want to share the outstanding selling points of your products. As best practice Pinterest suggests They mark 4-6 points in a picture and link each point to the exact product website.

Home and garden business Lowes Shopping campaigns used to move users from discovery to purchase.


Pinterest says Lowes had a 20% higher click rate and a 76% higher return on advertising spend than the original goal – all with their shopping pins!

Pinterest Ad Type # 5: App installation pens

App installation pins are action-oriented ads that you can use to control app downloads.

These pins are linked to an Apple Store or Google Play app URL. When someone clicks on a sponsored app PIN, they can download the linked app without leaving Pinterest.

Sponsored app pins have a simple installation button. However, you can also advertise certain functions of your app with the pin description, e.g. 8fit::

install app


And with 80% of the winners With Pinterest on mobile devices, this format can be a valuable way to get more app downloads for your business.

How to set a target audience for Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads allow you to place your ads in front of custom audiences. Like advertising Instagram and FacebookWhen you set up a Pinterest ad, you want to set up your PIN to reach audiences most likely to deal with it.

Determine your target audience

When you create Pinterest ads, you intentionally want to know who your audience is and why. Determine your target group based on the groups of people who are most likely to want and buy your products.

Pinterest ads let you target by gender, location, language, and device.

The Complete Guide to Pinterest Ads in 2020

In terms of budgeting options, Pinterest’s recommended route is used by default to give you the most attention possible. If you're not sure where to start, this may be a good option for you.

You can also choose where to show your ads, such as For example, under Browse or Search (where placements are shown for browsing in the home feed and in the associated pins).

3 tips to create awesome Pinterest ads

There are good ads, and then there are good ads.

With that in mind, here are our top three tips for creating great Pinterest ads that add value to your business or brand:

Pinterest Ads Tip 1: Create beautiful pictures

You want your ads to be beautiful, engaging, and scrolling. Use high-resolution vertical images to give your pins a competitive advantage.

TIP: Always adhere to Pinterest's ad specs so you don't get a distorted or truncated pin.

The good news is that there are plenty of easy-to-use apps out there that let you create visually appealing Pinterest ads. Here are some to choose from:

You can also try adding a text overlay to reinforce the message of your ad.

Use Later's text editor to add text to your pins as you plan – there are over 10 different fonts and several formatting options to choose from!

Create a seamless workflow for your company by editing your images with "Later" all paid plansfrom just $ 9 / month!

Pinterest Ads Tip 2: Make your ads interactive

The most successful Pinterest ads often contain an element of interactivity or personalization.

For example, P.volve Use Promoted Pins to promote a free quiz and find your perfect core training:

    Use Pinterest Ads to Smartly Build Your Brand

Burberry also experimented with interactive experiences on Pinterest.

The fashion and beauty brand worked with Pinterest worked together to create an individual beauty experience on the platform. Users filled out a short questionnaire about their beauty routines and then received a personalized forum with a mix of product information, beauty tips, and monogrammed content.

These custom pins have helped people experience Burberry products in a much more personal way – and while this kind of experience needs to be customized using the Pinterest API, it shows how flexible the platform can be.

Tip # 3 for Pinterest ads: add clear branding

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a very visual platform. So if you add your name or logo to your Pinterest ads, you can double brand awareness and consideration.

For sponsored video pins, Pinterest suggests Show branding within the first few seconds of the clip.

TIP: Remember to position your branding so that it is still clearly visible in Pinterest search results.

How to measure the success of Pinterest ads

Once your ad is running, you can use your Pinterest Ads Manager dashboard to see how it works. To get there, go to "Show" and switch between the drop-down menu items like "Overview" and "Reporting".

Overview allows you to set the date range and view metrics such as impressions, link clicks, and storage for your active or completed ads.


Depending on the ad format you choose, you can use Reporting to see how much awareness, traffic, app installs, conversions, or video views your ad has received.

Once you see how it works, you can make thoughtful changes to improve and further optimize your next campaign. Next time, you can change your audience, increase your spending, or try different formats.

See how you are doing! Analyze your pins with Later Pinterest analytics tool.

It may be intimidating to show Pinterest ads, but this is one of the best ways to grow your audience and increase sales on the platform!

By consistently monitoring your analyzes, your strategy improves with every campaign you run.

Don't forget – you can plan your Pinterest content for FREE with Later – Plan your first pin later now!

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