Are you getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy?

Every month, over 300 million users search and share inspiration on Pinterest – that's a huge, dedicated audience with real buying power!

So if you don't see results of your efforts, now is the time to invest in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Ready to start? Here's our ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing:

The ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing


  1. The power of Pinterest Marketing for Business
  2. How to create successful pins for your brand
  3. How to curate existing pins that support your brand values
  4. 6 ways to increase traffic on Pinterest
  5. How to promote your website and your Pinterest account to each other
  6. How to use Analytics to customize your Pinterest marketing strategy

The power of Pinterest Marketing for Business

With the right strategy, Pinterest can be an extremely powerful tool for your business.

You can build a strong community that engages with your content, promotes brand awareness, click-throughs, and ultimately product sales.

But what distinguishes Pinterest from other social networks? And why should your company invest time and effort in Pinterest marketing?

Let us explain why Pinterest marketing is such a strong asset for your brand:

Pinterest Power # 1: Pinterest is a visual search engine

Pinterest is not just a social network, but a visual search engine!

This means that your content can be discovered at any time by almost anyone who searches Pinterest. This makes your shelf life much longer than on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

Most companies still view Pinterest as a social channel and therefore see below-average results.

By optimizing your Pinterest marketing strategy for views and storage rather than likes and comments, you can do so much more for your brand.

In this post you will learn exactly how you can optimize your pins – stay tuned!

Pinterest Power # 2: The Pinterest demography

Pinterest's demographics are different from any other social platform.

According to Pinterest, the platform reaches 77% of all women between the ages of 25 and 54 in the United States. And when women's global income reaches trillions of dollars, Women are expected control nearly 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028.

We also know that people actively use Pinterest as a platform to make their buying decisions.

According to Pinterest, 84% of the weekly Pinners use Pinterest when they are actively thinking about buying products / services, but are undecided

With the right marketing strategy for Pinterest, you are targeting people who have both buying power and intent to buy.

Pinterest Power # 3: Longer shelf life

Compared to most other social platforms, the content you share on Pinterest lasts much longer.

If you are creating a pin for the first time, you are unlikely to be flooded with likes and comments. Instead, your pins will be discovered through searching over time. And once you have defined your pin strategy, it will be saved over and over again and distributed to the Pinterest community.

This slow-burn strategy may not offer the instant return you are familiar with on Instagram or Facebook. However, it means that a single pin can increase brand awareness for months, if not years.

One of the best ways to increase your long-term brand awareness is to consistently create and save content on your Pinterest account. Fortunately, this is easy if you use a visual content planner and planner like Later.

Pinterest Power # 4: Become a Verified Trader

Similar to the blue checkmark on Instagram, Pinterest users now see a blue checkmark on selected merchant accounts! The blue check mark appears next to the account name and stands for companies that are new to Pinterest Verified dealer program.

This program is designed to help companies increase sales and help Pinners discover and shop for brands verified by Pinterest. Companies like Wharf Australia, Robust, and Coyuchi are some of the first on board.

Pinterest Shop Tab

Any trader can apply, but to be eligible you need to meet Pinterest's Community guidelines and have a digital footprint online – not just on Pinterest! You are looking for companies with High quality products, Customer service and websites.

Pinterest shop

The program offers more than one advantage! Once you're a verified seller on Pinterest, you'll have early access to new measurement and analysis tools – including organic and paid conversion insights that you can use to measure the impact of Pinterest.

You also have a shop tab in your profile! This new tab on your page allows buyers to click on the products you sell and view them directly.

In addition, items in Pinterest’s shopping experiences appear as in the "Related Products" section – in front of people looking for new brands!

If you are interested in becoming a verified retailer on Pinterest, you can apply Here.

Pinterest Power # 5: Get More Traffic From The Shop Tab

With the increasing demand for in-app purchases, Pinterest has introduced a "Shop" tab – a new tab that allows users to search and search retailer inventory!

Shop tab

Pinterest newsroom

In the past, all shopable pins were thrown into the mix of things, but now you can find stock items on the "Shop" tab, which makes it much easier to get more traffic on your pins.

For example, when users search for "summer outfits" or "workspace at home," the "Shop" tab shows items in stock related to that keyword search.

According to TechCrunchThe number of product pins that can be bought has increased 2.5 times since last year, and Pinterest has increased traffic for retailers 2.3 times since last year. And, according to Pinterest, 97% of search queries from Pinterest users are unbranded – which means that most people search for ideas rather than specific brands.

Shop tab on boards

Pinterest newsroom

The Shop tab is a great addition for Pinterest buyers and retailers. If you are a retailer, you can continue to use your product pins. If you're a buyer, you'll see a much more streamlined shopping experience.

In addition to the "Shop" tab in the verified retailer's profiles, there are four other ways that Pinterest makes the shopping experience easier for both buyers and retailers.

# 1: Shop tab on Pinterest boards

When a user browses a Pinterest forum, the new Shop tab shows products inspired by or from pins that they have saved on their boards. Users see products in stock based on what they have saved. Think of it as a virtual wishlist for purchases.

# 2: "Shop" tab in the search results

When searching on Pinterest, a new "Shop" tab will appear in the search results. For example, if you are looking for things like "summer outfits", "open concept kitchen" or "round sunglasses", you will see a number of products from retailers in stock.

# 3: Shop at pins

Pinterest made it easy to shop directly using a product PIN. Just press "Shop Similar" and you will see products from related retailers in stock.

Pinterest newsroom

# 4: "Shop" tab in Style Guides

If you are looking for a term related to your home, such as For example, "Bathroom Ideas," curated Pinterest searchable style guides that you can search (and shop).

According to Pinterest, these visual recommendations make it easy to explore trend styles, even if you don't have the right words to describe what you're looking for. And now a "Shop" tab is integrated, with which you can recreate the look.

NOTE: This function is currently only intended for search queries related to "home decor".

Pinterest newsroom

With Pinterest’s new shopping features and the right marketing strategy, you’re targeting people with both buying power and intent to buy.

If you're a Pinterest retailer and don't include product pins in your strategy, now is a good time to do so getting started!

As a Pinterest marketing partner, Later offers exclusive functions with which you can expand your business on Pinterest. Plan and plan your pins now with Later!

How to create successful pins for your brand

Considering that Pinterest is a visually Search engine, it's important to create original pins that stand out from the crowd!

To help you get started, here are some best practices to make sure your pins are at the top of the game.

How to Create Pins Tip 1: Create branded content that is tailored to your target audience

The more entertaining, valuable, or reliable your pins are, the greater the likelihood that users will save them on their own Pinterest boards – which means your content will become more popular!

Later we create pins that offer our target group of brand managers added value. We use our brand logo, colors and fonts so that our pins are immediately recognizable wherever they are stored.

Create branded content for Pinterest

How to Create Pins Tip 2: Maintain a consistent aesthetic

Regardless of what content you want to share on Pinterest, it should be clearly recognizable as an extension of your brand.

A strong Pinterest aesthetic is one of the best ways to build a following and demonstrate the unique style and tone of your brand.

Learn how the Benefit beauty brand uses a uniform pink palette and fonts to create instantly recognizable pins.

how to create successful pins on pinterest

How to create pins Tip 3: Provide additional details with rich pins

Rich pins are a great way to add extra details to your pins while promoting more click-throughs on your website!

Rich pins pull additional details into Pinterest when a pin is created from your website.

There are currently four types of Rich Pins that you can use on Pinterest: "Product", "Item", "App" and "Recipe".

For online retailers, product pins make shopping on Pinterest a lot easier because they contain prices, availability and information about buying your product in real time.

how to create successful pins on pinterest

Ikea even digitizes its 200-page print catalogs with the help of Pinterest product pins!

According to ModernRetail, the new shopping app shows product pins in personalized user boards based on the results of a questionnaire on article and style preferences.

Recipe and article pins are perfect for publishers and bloggers who want to attract new Pinterest website visitors. Learn how Whole Foods Market Recipe uses rich pins to add value and drive more click-throughs.

how to use product pens on pinterest

If you want to add rich pins to your Pinterest for Business profile, you can follow the steps on Pinterest here. Creating rich pins requires a bit of technical work. Therefore, you may need to contact your website developer or website hosting platform to get everything going.

But the technical effort really pays off! Rich pins are the easiest way to share additional, valuable information with your audience on Pinterest – which can lead to more clicks on your website!

For more information on the different types of rich pins and how to use them, see the Beginner's Guide to Using Pinterest for Business.

How to Create Pins Tip 4: Follow the recommended ratios

Although Pinterest supports pins in a variety of dimensions, the recommended pin ratio is 2: 3 (1000 x 1500 pixels).

According to Pinterest: "Other conditions can result in your pin being cut off or negatively affecting performance."

Given that 80% of users are currently using Pinterest on mobile devices, it's definitely a good idea to optimize your pins on the go.

Tipping: With Later, you can easily optimize your images for Pinterest while planning and planning your content!

best relationship for Pinterest

How to Create Pins Tip 5: Add attention-grabbing text

Although pin titles are important for SEO on Pinterest, they are difficult to read in the Pinterest app.

So, if you want to grab the browser’s attention and encourage more click-throughs for your content, the best way to do that is to add engaging text overlays to your pins.

See how Mashable and Penguin Random House use the same technique to attract attention and increase Pinterest's site traffic.

Your text overlays should be easy to read and appeal to your target audience. You should point out the value that your content offers without being clickbaity or misleading.

Fortunately, there are a lot of design apps out there that make it easy to create outstanding pins.

With the design app Over, for example, you can select any background image, cut it to the optimal dimensions of Pinterest and add the selected text.

You can choose from a variety of fonts for free, or even import your own branded fonts with an Over Pro subscription. Check out this blog post to find out how to do this simple hack!

how to create good pins on pinterest

How to Create Pins Tip 6: Create Seasonally Relevant Pins

Pinterest is a focal point for inspiration. So if you use seasonal events such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, you are guaranteed to attract more visitors to your content.

Still, it's important to make sure that your pins are relevant both seasonally and for your business.

For example, if you run a dentist's office, you might want to say, "10 festive goodies that are good for your teeth" instead of: "10 ways to make homemade Christmas tree decorations."

The grocery store Tesco last year gave "spooktacular" tips on how to convert your cakes for Halloween. This works because it identifies their products and ties to a seasonal theme.

how to create successful pins on pinterest with seasonally relevant pins

According to Pinterest, users use the platform to plan seasonal events long before they turn to other platforms. So try to create seasonally relevant pins at least 30 days in advance!

How to Create Pins Tip 7: Create Video Pins for Pinterest

Video is one of the best tools in a marketing toolbox for growing engagement – and now you can use it with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

how to create successful pins on pinterest with video

When you're ready to grow your growth on Pinterest, it's time to post video pins on Pinterest.

Since Pinners carelessly scroll through boards or their smart feed on the desktop, video pins are played automatically as soon as they are halfway up the screen. Of course, the movement of the video pin will draw the winners' attention and make them more interested in the click.

The advantages of video pins

Whether TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube – people like to watch videos. They are attractive, eye-catching and the perfect format for presenting products or services in action.

how to create successful video pins on pinterest

And video on Pinterest is no different. With video pins, brands and businesses can share so much more on the platform. From authentic storytelling and product demos to tutorials and recipes – the possibilities are endless!

With the added value, a pinner is more likely to save the pin on one of their boards and tell Pinterest that they like your content.

Pinterest uses this information as a positive indicator and will improve your pin in future search results.

Another added benefit? You can use video pins to drive users outside of Pinterest. Think about whether you want to redirect them to your YouTube channel, website or product pages

Once a user has looked at your video PIN, they are more likely to click the PIN link. This is ideal for cross promotion and sales.

3 tips for creating Pinterest video pins

Tip 1: add text overlay

An effective way to grab and keep attention is to add a text overlay to your video pins.

Users usually scroll through Pinterest with the sound off. Adding text to video is therefore an incredible tool to help your users get involved.

Plus, you don't have to be an editing assistant to add scrolling text to your video pins. There are tons of apps that let you add, edit, and create the videos yourself.

Canva is a great resource, especially since it is one official creative Pinterest partner. They offer hundreds of easy and quick to use Pinterest video templates to choose from. They even have a built-in video maker and editor with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Pinterest Ad Templates

Tip 2: Draw attention to yourself immediately

There is a golden rule on all platforms: draw the viewer's attention to yourself as quickly as possible.

With just a few seconds in the game, you need to insert something that attracts attention before scrolling further.

Remember to start with your most interesting products, lots of movement and color, or use fascinating text within the first seconds – let this intro count!

TIP: Keep your video pins short and captivating. Pinterest recommends short videos between 6-15 seconds long.

Tip 3: Set up for SEO success

Video pins should include unique titles, descriptions, and hashtags to make them easier to find in search results.

Pinterest video pins

To make it easier to find, Pinterest has a simple (yet effective!) Function for automatically marking tags. Simply enter your keywords and choose from the automatically suggested relevant tags that Pinterest offers you.

Categorizing your video pins makes it easier for users to find your content when they search – this means more views!

How to schedule video pins with later

As an official Pinterest marketing partner, Later offers exclusive functions and solutions that allow you to make the most of Pinterest.

Indeed, Later is one of the few platforms that can do this Schedule videos on PinterestThis allows our customers to connect to the growing Pinterest community in more ways.

Scheduling video pins for Pinterest has never been easier: select your video from the media library and drag and drop it into your content calendar to schedule.

When you're ready to format, you'll find that Later's editing tools let you choose from four different size options:

  • Freeform: Choose a custom cut size
  • Square: 1: 1 aspect ratio
  • Portrait: 4.5 aspect ratio
  • Landscape: 16.9 aspect ratio

You can also trim the beginning or end of your video. The amount you can cut is unlimited. However, keep in mind that videos on Pinterest must be at least 4 seconds long.

Here you can add a label, a link and a description for your PIN. Once you've added all the important details, you can click Save and start planning later!

Once you've saved your post, Later will submit your PIN for approval (all videos must be approved by Pinterest). If your PIN has been approved, an "Approved" tag will appear right there in the calendar post.

Pinterest video scheduling is available for all paid plans starting at just $ 9 per month. Upgrade now!

How to curate boards that support your Pinterest marketing strategy and brand values

Creating all of your pins from scratch would be a big undertaking for any business.

Fortunately, you can also curate existing pins on your Pinterest boards to provide a new content stream to increase your brand awareness.

What are Pinterest boards?

Pinterest boards are practically just folders for your pins.

By curating your pins and storing them on boards, you create a valuable content catalog that your followers can discover.

In addition, the Pinterest community is all about curating pins on your own boards – it helps make pins accessible to a wider audience and gives other Pinterest developers the credit they deserve!

Before you save a pin on one of your boards, there are a few key factors to consider:

# 1: does it support your brand message?

First and foremost, it is always worth considering how a PIN connects to your brand before you save it in your account.

It could be a seriously funny or interesting pin, but it has nothing to do with your brand. In the long run, it has no value for you. In fact, this can only serve to confuse visitors to your account.

Notice how the mattress brand curates Casper Pins that match their sleep-loving POV, such as: B. "Late Night Snacks" and "Sleep Sayings".

how to curate pens on pinterest brand example

# 2: is the original pin creator targeted to your brand?

The pins you save in your Pinterest account are instantly linked to your brand.

If the original pin was created by an organization or person you don't want to publicly support, you should think twice before clicking Save.

On the other hand, this is also a great opportunity to connect your brand with thought leaders and industry pioneers!

# 3: Does it add value to your audience?

Consider the value of a pin for your audience – will you deal with it? Does it reflect their beliefs or values? Does it offer you a service?

Ultimately, every pin you share should be targeted at your target audience. For example, Well + Good shares a whole range of content – from recipes to workouts – that is likely to be popular with the target group.

By sharing a mix of original and existing content on Pinterest, you can support your brand identity and maintain your activity rate – without wasting too much design time.

So now you know how to create and curate great pins. It's time to make sure they get a lot of views!

6 Pinterest marketing tips to increase traffic

Followers are always great to have, but it's even more important to get a lot of traffic on Pinterest – especially if you want to turn browsers into lifelong customers.

In fact, the number of monthly viewers is likely to be most importantly Statistics that you should pay attention to on your profile page.

how to increase traffic on pinterest

So don't worry too much about the number of your followers on Pinterest. Instead, optimize your pins for more traffic!

How to Increase Traffic on Pinterest # 1: Optimize for Search

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine. So you can have the most beautiful, most aesthetically pleasing pins, but they only appear if they are optimized for search.

When you consider that 98% of users have tried something new they found on Pinterest, you should optimize your account so that your pins are as easy to find as possible.

How can you do this for your company?

The trick is to add relevant keywords on Pinterest that are specific to your company and tailored to what your target audience is looking for. Think of it as SEO for a blog post.

Pinterest SEO Tip 1: Add keywords to your pin title

There are several places where you can insert SEO keywords, but one of the most important ones is your pin title. Your keywords here should cover as many basics as possible. This will help your pins get into the search results of your target group.

Notice how Etsy uses multiple search terms in its pin titles, indicating both what the product is and who it is intended for.

SEO tips for Pinterest

Pinterest SEO Tip # 2: Add keywords and hashtags to your pin descriptions

Not only do you have optimized keywords in your pin titles, you should also include them in your pin descriptions – in addition to relevant search hashtags.

While there is no definitive set of rules, high traffic pins typically contain between 5 and 10 keywords and 3 to 5 hashtags.

The best way to add keywords to your pin descriptions is in sentence format, so your pin descriptions are also easy to read.

See how Not On The High Street captures multiple keywords in their pin descriptions while providing an informative description for browsers.

How to improve SEO on pinterest with pin descriptions

With hashtags, note that Pinterest hashtags are only used for discovery through search trends. The humorous hashtags you are familiar with on Instagram, such as B. #sorrynotsorry, so will not help on Pinterest.

See how Martha Stewart uses living hashtags to effectively categorize pins by popular search topics.

how to use hashtags on pinterest to increase traffic

Pinterest SEO Tip 3: Use Pinterest's Keyword Research Tool

If you're not sure which keywords and hashtags to add to your pins, use the keyword research tool built into Pinterest to get inspiration.

If you search for a general term in the Pinterest search bar, e.g. For example, "Nail Art", a selection of keywords will be displayed that are provided by Pinterest to make your search more specific.

how to find strong SEO keywords for Pinterest

These recommended keywords are sorted by search popularity, so you can take this into account when planning keywords and hashtags for your pins.

For example, if you don't have many followers, it may be worth choosing less popular keywords. Chances are that you have less competition for these keywords, which means you rank higher in the search results.

Although finding and adding keywords seems like an extra hassle, this is one of the best ways to get more traffic for your pins.

With the right SEO strategy on Pinterest, you can grow your audience efficiently and effectively – without spending hours promoting your content.

Pinterest SEO Tip 4: Add tags to Pinterest videos

Pinterest recently added a new auto-suggest feature to make your video pins easier to find!

Simply enter keywords and choose from the relevant tags that are automatically suggested:

Categorizing video pins with tags makes it easy to find – which means more views for your content!

How to Increase Traffic on Pinterest # 2: Invite brands and influencers to collaborate on your boards

Inviting brands or influencers to collaborate on your boards is a great way to raise awareness on Pinterest.

To do this, open one of your boards and click on the pencil icon to "Edit board". You can then search and add as many employees as you want – even if your board is "secret", i.e. H. Hidden from all other users.Add employees on Pinterest

Inviting employees to your boards is a practical way to create a stronger sense of community on Pinterest. However, it is important to develop a strategy that works for your company.

For example, you may want to reach potential employees before sending them an invitation so that you can explain your vision, goals, and specific pin requirements.

Learn how Well + Good and goop work together on the same Health and Wellness board, leveraging their shared brand values ​​and similar demographics to promote each other.

how to increase traffic on pinterest through collaboration

While Condé Nast Traveler regularly works together on The Love Assembly's “World of Wanderlust” board.

how to work with influencers on pinterest

Das Einladen von Benutzern zur Zusammenarbeit ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, strategische Partnerschaften aufzubauen, und kann dazu führen, dass sie Sie einladen, auch in ihren Boards zusammenzuarbeiten!

So steigern Sie den Traffic auf Pinterest # 3: Pin Regularly

Dank des Pinterest-Algorithmus tauchen neuere Pins in einem Suchergebnis eher über älteren auf.

Vor diesem Hintergrund ist es eine gute Idee, regelmäßig neue Pins zu veröffentlichen, um Ihren Traffic zu steigern – auch wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, dass Ihre Boards ästhetisch „vollständig“ sind.

Nicht nur das, sondern auch das regelmäßige Fixieren zeigt neuen Besuchern Ihres Profils, dass Sie noch auf Pinterest aktiv sind – ein Indikator, dem Sie für zukünftige Inhalte lohnenswert sein könnten.

Davon abgesehen kann es zu viel Gutes geben – da Pinterest Aktivitäten bestraft, die zu „spammig“ erscheinen.

Es gibt keine festgelegten Richtlinien für die Pin-Lautstärke, aber es ist am besten, Ihre Aktivität auf 30 Pins pro Tag zu beschränken, um auf der sicheren Seite zu bleiben.

Sparen Sie Zeit, indem Sie alle Ihre Pins im Voraus mit Later planen und planen – kostenlos!

So steigern Sie den Traffic auf Pinterest # 4: Erstellen Sie Anzeigen auf Pinterest mit gesponserten Pins

Sobald Sie zu einem Pinterest Business-Konto gewechselt sind, können Sie Anzeigen in Form von "gesponserten Pins" erstellen.

Gesponserte Pins sind der einfachste Weg, um Ihr Produkt der richtigen Zielgruppe vorzustellen – da Ihre Pins in mehr Suchergebnissen angezeigt werden.

wie man gesponserte Pins auf pinterest verwendet

Um von dieser zusätzlichen Belichtung zu profitieren, ist es eine gute Idee, Pins zu verwenden, die Aufmerksamkeit erregen und Klicks fördern. Erwägen Sie die Verwendung auffälliger Designs, deutlich sichtbarer Nachrichten oder Brandings und faszinierender Pin-Titel.

Der Betrag, den Sie für eine gesponserte PIN ausgeben, hängt vom Budget und den Ausgabenlimits ab, die Sie für Ihre Kampagnen festgelegt haben und die Sie über Ihren Pinterest Ad Manager steuern können.

geförderte Pins auf pinterest

Laut Pinterest haben 83% der wöchentlichen Pinners einen Kauf basierend auf Pins getätigt, die sie von Marken gesehen haben.

In diesem Sinne könnte eine Verbesserung der Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Pins eine großartige Möglichkeit sein, den Verkehr zu erhöhen und neue Kunden zu erreichen!

So steigern Sie den Traffic auf Pinterest # 5: Erstellen Sie relevante, hochgradig gemeinsam nutzbare Pins

Das Erstellen von Pins, die bei Ihrem Publikum Anklang finden, ist eine der schnellsten Möglichkeiten, um das Speichern auf Pinterest zu fördern.

Es lohnt sich jedoch auf jeden Fall, Ihre gemeinsam nutzbaren Pins an Ihrer Marken-DNA auszurichten. Ein lustiger, aber irrelevanter Pin kann für eine schnelle Rückkehr dienen, aber auf lange Sicht hilft er Ihrer Markenwahrnehmung nicht.

Beachten Sie, wie die Fitnessmarke Sweaty Betty Zitat-Pins erstellt, die für ihr Publikum von großer Relevanz sind und ihre Leidenschaft für Fitness, Wohlbefinden und Selbstverbesserung nutzen.

wie man gemeinsam nutzbare Pins auf pinterest erstellt

Indem Sie ein Gleichgewicht zwischen relevant und aktienwürdig finden, ziehen Sie das richtige Publikum für Ihre Marke an und erweitern Ihre Pinterest-Community kontinuierlich.

Das Erstellen von hochgradig gemeinsam nutzbaren Pins ist auch eine großartige Möglichkeit, um auf der Registerkarte "Heute" vorgestellt zu werden – einer neuen Registerkarte im Home-Feed, die Pinners mit täglich kuratierten Themen und Trend-Pins inspirieren soll.

heute tab

Pinterest Newsroom

Wie die Registerkarte "Für Sie" von Pinterest ist auch die Registerkarte "Heute" eine Sammlung kuratierter Inhalte. Der Hauptunterschied zur Registerkarte "Heute" besteht darin, dass anstelle personalisierter Ergebnisse angezeigt wird, was in der Welt vor sich geht – kuratiert vom Pinterest-Team.

Es ist eine Mischung aus kuratierten und trendigen Suchanfragen, um Sie über die Trends auf Pinterest an diesem Tag auf dem Laufenden zu halten!

Wenn beispielsweise "Von zu Hause aus arbeiten" eine Trend-Suche auf Pinterest ist, werden auf der Registerkarte "Heute" möglicherweise Stecknadeln angezeigt, die sich auf "Arbeitsbereiche zu Hause" beziehen, und keine Stecknadeln, die das Kochen von Quinoa erläutern.

Heute Registerkarte

Mit relevanten, hochgradig gemeinsam nutzbaren Pins können Ihre Pins auf der Registerkarte Heute angezeigt werden, damit Tausende von Augen sie sehen können!

Die Registerkarte Heute ist derzeit für Pinners verfügbar, die in den USA und im Vereinigten Königreich leben. Weitere Länder werden folgen.

Durch die Optimierung Ihrer Pinterest-Strategie können Sie Benutzer nahtlos von Ihren Pins zu Ihrer Website führen, wo sie alle Ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen finden und kaufen können.

Und mit der richtigen Strategie auf Ihrer Website können Sie Benutzer dazu ermutigen, Ihre Inhalte direkt auf Pinterest zu teilen – und so Ihre Markensichtbarkeit ohne zusätzliche Kosten für Sie erhöhen!

Cross-Promotion-Tipp Nr. 1: Fordern Sie Ihre Website auf Pinterest an

Die Inanspruchnahme Ihrer Website auf Pinterest bietet eine Vielzahl von Vorteilen. Not only does it validate your authenticity on Pinterest, but it also pulls in all of the Pinterest “Activity” that is occurring on your site.

This is a quick and easy way to cross-promote your site, while also providing a unique insight into what motivates your site visitors to start Pinning!

Cross-promotion Tip #2: Regularly Link to Your Site From Your Pins

As you plan your Pinterest strategy, it’s worth taking into consideration how often you’re linking back to your main business site.

If you find you’re Pinning content from — or linking to — third-party sites more than your own, then you might want to rethink your strategy.

Regularly linking back to your site is an effective way to drive more click-throughs, which could lead to more customers for your business.

Cross-promotion Tip #3: Create Pin-Ready Images

Did you know that the “Pinterest Save Button” Chrome extension has over 10 million users?

It’s therefore worth making sure your share images are optimized for people to save to Pinterest with just one click.

At Later, we create Pinterest share images for our blog posts in the ideal 2:3 ratio for Pinterest, with clearly visible text overlays.

Cross-promotion Tip #4: Add Pinterest Share Buttons to Your Site

One final way to cross-promote your site is by including social share links on blog posts and product pages.

Sephora does this on every product page on their site.

how to increase pins from website on pinterest

Including share icons across your site is an effective way to encourage more social shares — which is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your brand awareness!

How to Use Analytics to Tailor Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

With a Pinterest Business account, you have access to all in-app analytics associated with your Pinterest profile.

Taking a look at your Pinterest Analytics is a great way to learn what’s working for your audience — and can help inform your Pinterest marketing strategy.

#1: Understand Your Pinterest Audience

Your audience on Pinterest can be hugely different to your audience on other platforms — and they typically have more spending power too!

Taking this into account, it’s a good idea to use Pinterest Analytics “Audience Insights” to understand who you’re connecting with, and what they’re interested in.

Pinterest Analytics Audience Insights

You can even compare your Pinterest audience to Pinterest’s total audience, which gives valuable context on how your audience differs to the overall Pinterest audience.

Pinterest -Audience Insights Compare

BONUS TIP: You can track and measure your Pinterest growth over the last 3 months with Later. Just check out your Pinterest Analytics from your Later app!

how to get more pinterest analytics

You can also take a deep dive into all of your posts scheduled through Later, and see which posts have performed best.

With a deeper understanding of your Pinterest analytics, you can tailor your content strategy with your audience in mind.

#2: Revamp and Repost Top Performing Pins

As we covered earlier, older Pins — even top-performing ones — can get buried in a user’s search results.

The new “Analytics Overview” page in Pinterest Analytics allows you to filter your Pin performance by “Date range”, “Content type”, “Devices”, and “Source”.

Pinterest Analytics overview

By monitoring your “Top Pins” from historical date ranges, you can identify potential Pins to revamp and repost on your account.

You can filter your “Top Pins” by “Impressions”, “Engagements”, “Closeups”, “Link clicks”, and “Saves”. If your main goal is to drive traffic back to your site, it could be worth honing in on your “Top Pins” by “Link clicks”.

Top Pins on Pinterest Analytics

By re-sharing these Pins, you’ll give them a fresh lease of life — and benefit from their conversion power all over again!

#3: Add “Featured Boards” to Your Pinterest Overview

As with any site, it’s important to keep your Pinterest Overview page optimized with relevant, captivating content.

With a Pinterest Business account, you can select up to 5 “Featured Boards” that will display on rotation at the top of your profile.

Featured boards on Pinterest

Choose boards that are a good fit for your audience based on your Pinterest Analytics. If you’re not sure which ones are a good match, opt for boards which contain a high volume of “Top Pins”.

To add Featured boards to your Pinterest Overview page, follow the steps here.

#4: Archive Poorly Performing Boards

Similarly, it’s a good idea to regularly prune boards that are no longer popular with your audience on Pinterest.

Keeping your boards laser-focused and hyper-relevant will keep your Pinterest super strong — and will decrease the likelihood of someone clicking away from your profile without following first.

So if you don’t have any “Top Pins” in a board, it might be worth considering if it needs to be archived.

To do this, open one of your boards and click the pencil icon to “Edit your board”. You can then select “Archive”.

how to archive a board on Pinterest

Keeping on top of your analytics is the best way to understand what’s working for your brand on Pinterest.

Congratulations! You now have all the tips and tricks you need to level-up your Pinterest marketing strategy!

With a successful Pinterest marketing strategy, you can build an audience that loves your content, engages with your brand, and buys your products.

So what are you waiting for? Get Pinning today!

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