Big data is one of the most valuable assets any business can hope for. It provides a map of your market's behavior and the insights you need to predict the direction your target market – and therefore your business – is headed in.

However, one of the biggest problems for SMBs is how to properly collect and use this huge amount of data. Everything you do online, from selling to interacting with internet users to digital marketing campaigns, provides vital insights into the heart of your industry. However, if you can find the time to collect, sort, analyze, and use this data, many will fail to reach its full potential.

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Email marketing software

Email marketing offers an enviable list of benefits. While it may not be the most labor-intensive or costly digital marketing tool, it does target one of the most valuable user bases that you have ready-made access: your existing customers and subscribers. Maintaining an open line of communication with this user base and opening new dialogues at critical moments in your business's growth and development are invaluable – provided you can grapple with the data your campaigns collect over time.

The same goes for affiliate marketing, which enables the same line of communication and at the same time brings you a financial advantage. The use of software in this ongoing process ensures that every step is optimized and targeted at the right users. You can easily find out how it can help your business stay up to date on this platform and curate and, more importantly, leverage the data your efforts provide.

Google Analytics

Your website is your storefront, but in the real world it is much easier to monitor and interpret customer behavior than simply staring at your home screen and watching the rise and fall in digital sales throughout the day.

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides important insights into the behavior of your website visitors – such as where they are from, what devices they are using (mobile or PC), and what your bounce rate is. This offers the opportunity for significant progress, both in terms of increasing website traffic and improving your external marketing campaigns.


While surveys are unable to keep up with the amount of information that comes under the heading of "big data," there is a growing body of research that explains the value of surveys when used in conjunction with them will.

In this view, big data can be viewed as organically recorded – for example, as the ratio of subscribers who open your emails to those who ignore them or who unsubscribe based on receipt. Survey data is collected manually – it does not contain the same raw organicity – but it can be used as a tool to contextualize big data and further expand your understanding. It can also be oriented towards big data, which means it will improve your ability to communicate directly with your users and avoid wasting words on questions you already know the answers to.

Big data is priceless to any business, but knowing how to understand it – and most importantly, how to use it – is an art form in itself. Like any specialty, it requires a host of resources making sure that nothing is wasted and that every element of your online activity is used to fuel your efforts and gain access to the heart of your digital audience.


Google Analytics is a wonderful web analytics tool for any company with an online presence. However, it cannot solve all possible online analytics needs. You may need to use more specialized web analytics tools for things like UX optimization.

CrazyEgg is a very impressive web analytics tool developed by Neil Patel. This tool is great for monitoring user behavior, which can be incredibly important in improving conversion rates.

There are many ways that CrazyEgg can benefit you. One way is to display various elements on your website's landing pages, such as: B. Pictures and CTA buttons. With CrazyEgg you can see how your visitors are reacting to them. You can change items and remove any items that seem too distracting.

Here is an example of a lesson some companies have learned with CrazyEgg. They would put an image on their landing pages to make it look more engaging. Using this web analytics tool, they found that visitors unexpectedly tried to click the image more than the button. You would add a hyperlink to the image so that it does the same thing as the button itself. Other companies would simply remove or shrink the image altogether to better highlight the CTA.


ActiveData is a very important ad-on for Microsoft Excel. This tool can be very useful for tracking conversions, but the same purposes can apply to other issues as well.

One benefit of using ActiveData is that it makes it easier for you to fight fraud. This add-on is particularly useful for tracking internal theft. This is a benefit that you cannot afford to ignore, as employee theft accounts for nearly 30% of all business failures.

Sage accounting

Accounting is one of the least preferred areas of running a business for most entrepreneurs. Few people want to spend a lot of time figuring out numbers and keeping track of the number of transactions that are affecting their cash flow.

Unfortunately, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of sound bookkeeping. You either have to do it yourself or you have to pay a large amount of money to hire a professional accountant. The latter may not be an option if you're running a new business with limited resources. Hence, you need to find a way to manage your own bookkeeping without taking too much time.

New advances in data analysis have made it a lot easier. A number of new accounting tools have appeared that can simplify your accounting and save you a tremendous amount of time.

Sage Accounting is one of the best big data accounting tools for small businesses. This is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who don't have employees. This tool does everything from income documentation to reconciliation of bank documents. You can get all of the great features for just $ 10 a month. You'll have access to even more valuable features if you plan on upgrading to the $ 25 monthly plan, which is still way cheaper than hiring a professional. These additional features include forecasting cash flow and preparing financial statements.

Sage Accounting is a major breakthrough in accounting analysis for small businesses. It's a great option that you probably shouldn't overlook.

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