This year's MozCon was unique. In the midst of a global pandemic, we've gone from planning our traditional 1,600+ in-person Shindig to an online conference that was bigger and better attended than anything we've done before. MozCon Virtual was a wonderful journey into the unknown. Just a few of the practical lessons we learned:

Even if it felt a little different this year, MozCon Virtual offered 21 industry experts covering topics from easy-to-implement machine learning to effective content promotion to developing a keyword strategy that takes into account a world in crisis of quality content as in any personal event we've ever hosted.

And we're excited to announce that the MozCon 2020 video package is now available for your viewing pleasure if you missed the conference live!

Now start looking

For $ 129, you get access to all the presentations and speakers that you can watch as often as you want. Arrange a viewing party with your team and get everyone on board with the best advice, data, tools, and resources for digital marketing for the year ahead.

If you want to get a taste of what this year's video bundle has to offer, check out Rob Ousbey's talk from this year's event:

A novel approach to scraping websites

During a decade in SEO consulting, Rob had to extract data from websites on many occasions. Often times, this was to scale from websites that didn't have an API or export functionality, or websites that required authentication. While this was primarily a way to collect and combine data from different SEO tools, the use cases were endless.

He found a technique that was immensely helpful, especially when traditional tools didn't get the job – but hadn't seen anyone take the same approach. In this very tactical session, Rob will go through the steps he uses to extract data from all sorts of websites, from the little roasts to the giants, and give you the tools and knowledge to do the same.

As a bonus, Rob & # 39; s has compiled a list of useful resources on his website to help you pursue your own data collection dreams!

Watch the MozCon 2019 videos for free in our SEO Learning Center!

Now that our MozCon virtual videos are available worldwide, we have published all the content from MozCon 2019 for free in our SEO Learning Center. There are 26 sessions of actionable digital marketing insight and advice awaiting you – read on to see what goodies you may have missed out on last year!

Web Search 2019: The Key Data Marketers Need

Edge Fishkin

It's been a tough couple of years looking. Google's dominance and need for additional growth have made the search giant into a competitor for more and more publishers and brought the long-standing trend of growing recommendation traffic from Google to a plateau. But in the midst of this turbulence, opportunities have also arisen. In this presentation, Rand will explore not only how Google (and Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and others) have used their monopoly power in terms of how, but also how to find opportunities for traffic, branding, and marketing success.

Human> Machine> Human: Understand human-readable quality signals and their machine-readable equivalents

Ruth Burr Reedy

The push and pull of decisions for searchers versus search engines is a pervasive SEO conundrum. How do you address change in industry by investigating whether something is good for people or for machines? Ruth will guide us through human readable quality signals and their machine readable equivalents and how to make SEO decisions accordingly and how to communicate changes to customers and supervisors.

Improved reporting and analysis in Google Tools

Dana DiTomaso

Dana covers the interfaces between some of our favorite free tools – Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager – and will dive into how you can improve your reporting and analysis. Downloadable Data Studio templates are even provided.

Local SERP Analysis: The Challenges and Opportunities

Rob Bucci

We all know that SERPs are becoming more and more local. Google is increasingly trying to fulfill local intent requests for searchers. There is a treasure trove of data in local SERPs that SEOs can use to outperform their competitors. In this session, Rob will talk about the challenges of trying to do SERP analysis at the local level and the opportunities that await those who can overcome those challenges.

Keywords Are Not Enough: This is how to find content ideas worth pursuing

Ross Simmonds

Many marketers focus solely on keyword research when creating their content. However, it is not enough if you want to gain a competitive advantage. Ross will share a framework for uncovering content ideas used by forums, communities, niche websites, good old-fashioned SERP analysis, tools and techniques to help, and exclusive research on the data to support this.

How to load the link building with a digital PR newsroom

Shannon McGuirk

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at link building knows how much effort it takes. If only there was one way to get a steady stream of high quality links in the door for customers, right? In this talk, Shannon will explain how to set up an in-house or agency "Digital PR Newsroom" to support and expand your link building efforts. Prepare your note-taking hand as it will outline your process and provide a replicable tutorial on how to do this.

From zero to local ranking hero

Darren Shaw

From zero web presence to hyper-local ranking, Darren will take us on the 8-month journey of a company that grows its digital footprint and analyzes what worked (and what didn't) along the way. How well will they rank off a GMB listing alone? What if citations were added and indexed later? Has it helped or hurt having a keyword in the company name and what changes when they earn some good links? Get ready for this wild ride and discover exactly the impact different strategies have on the local ranking.

Esse Quam Videri: If you fake it, it's harder than doing it

Russ Jones

Russ will use a variety of SEO topics to show us how correct use of the tools available can make it easier to actually be the best in your market than try to trade off and fake them. If you're a fan of hacks and shortcuts, be prepared to change your mind.

Building a discoverability powerhouse: Lessons from the merging of organic, paid and content-based practice

Heather Physioc

Search is a channel that cannot live in a silo. To be most effective, search teams must successfully collaborate across paid, organic, content, and more areas. Get integration and collaboration tips from the hard knocks and insights of merging an organic, paid, performance-driven content team into a discoverability group. Find out how we moved from three teams of individual experts to an integrated discoverability powerhouse, and learn from our mistakes and gains as you apply the principles in your own business.

Brand Is King: How to Rule in the New Era of Local Search

Mary Bowling

Get ready for a healthy dose of all local things with this talk! Mary will dig deep into how the Google Local algorithm matured in 2019, and how marketers need to mature with it. how the main elements of the algo (relevance, awareness and proximity) influence the local rankings and how they influence each other; how local results are query dependent; how to feed business information into the knowledge diagram; and how brand is now "king" in local search.

Create memories: create content that people will remember

Casie Gillette

We know that only 20% of people remember what they read, but 80% remember what they saw. How do you create something that people actually remember? You need to think beyond words and consider factors like images, colors, movement, location, and more. In this talk, Casie will explore what brands are currently doing to grab attention and how anyone, regardless of budget or resources, can create the kind of content their audience will actually remember.

20 years in search and I don't trust my gut or google

Wil Reynolds

How would you react if you were told that one of Wil's customers had more conversions from zero volume search terms than keywords with 1000+ searches per month? It's true. Wil figured this out in seconds and got him to look at his entire customer strategy through a new lens. It also made him question company-wide strategies. How common is this for all customers? Don't they all deserve to gain this insight? He had to dig deep into the long tail. Leverage big data and view PPC data as insights, not just marketing.

How would you react if you found out that Google's "bad click" business could generate as much annually as Starbucks or McDonalds?

Wil will advocate big data, agencies, and the future of search engine marketing to create systems that look at every single search term that you match.

Super-handy tips for improving your site's E-A-T

Marie Haynes

Google has admitted that they measure the concept of "expertise, authority and trustworthiness" in their algorithms. If your website is categorized under YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), it is essential to have a good E-A-T to rank well. In this talk, you will learn how Google measures E-A-T and what changes you can make both on-site and off-site to outperform your competitors. Using real-world examples, Marie will answer what E-A-T is and how Google measures it, what changes you can make to your website to improve E-A-T display, and what you can do outside of the website to improve E-A-T.

Addressing the Indexability Challenge: A Data-Driven Framework

Areej AbuAli

How do you turn a bulky website with 2.5 million URLs into a manageable and indexable website with only 20,000 pages? Areej will share the methodology and insights on restructuring a job aggregator site which, like many large websites, had major problems with indexability and the rules for crawling robots directly. This talk will cover difficult crawling and indexing problems and delve into the case study using flowcharts to explain the full approach and how to implement it.

What voice means for search marketers: top results from the 2019 report

Christi Olson

How can search engine marketers capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses of today's voice assistants? In three information, navigation and transactional query scenarios, Christi will explain how to use language semantics for better content creation and paid targeting, how to optimize existing content to be language friendly (including the new language schema markup!) And what to expect from future algorithm updates as they adapt to wizards reading answers, no screen is required. This talk highlights the insights into voice commerce from the report. Finally, it explains how search engine marketers can start customizing their shopping experience for V-Commerce.

Redefinition of technical SEO

Paul Shapiro

It's time to throw the traditional definition of technical SEO out the window. Why? Because technical SEO is way, much bigger than just crawling, indexing, and rendering. Technical SEO is applicable to all areas of SEO, including content development and other creative functions. In this session, you will learn how to incorporate technical SEO into all aspects of your SEO program.

How many words is a question worth?

Dr. Peter J. Meyers

Traditional keyword research is poorly suited to Google's search for answers. One question could represent thousands of keyword variations. So how do we find the best questions, create content around them, and rate success? Dr. Pete delves into three case studies to answer these questions.

Fraggles, mobile-first indexing and the SERP of the future

Cindy Krum

Before you ask: No, this is not a Fraggle Rock, MozCon Edition! Cindy will cover the myriad of ways mobile-first indexing is changing the SERPs, including progressive web apps, entity-first indexing, and how "fraggles" are indexed in the knowledge graph and what all of this means for the future of mobile SERPs.

Killer CRO and UX win with an SEO crawler

Luke Carthy

CRO, UX and an SEO crawler? You read that right! Luke will provide actionable tips on finding sales gains and impactful, low hanging fruits to increase conversions and improve UX using a site crawler typically used for SEO, as well as a generous help from data points from case studies and real-world examples.

Content, Rankings, and Lead Generation: A Breakdown of the 1% Content Strategy

Andy Crestodina

How can you use data to find and update content for higher rankings and more traffic? Andy will take us through a four-point presentation that will bring together the most effective content tactics into a single powerful content strategy with even better results.

Running Your Own SEO Tests: Why It Matters & How To Get It Right

Rob Ousbey

Google's algorithms have seen significant changes in the past few years. Conventional ranking signals no longer have the same impact as they used to and are usurped by factors such as UX and brand, which are more important than ever. What is an SEO to do?

The answer lies in testing.

Sharing original data and results from clients, Rob emphasizes the need to test, learn, and iterate your work, from traditional UX testing to weighing the impact of technical SEO changes, tweaking on-page elements, and that Changing content on key pages. In this thoughtful presentation, you'll find plenty of actionable processes and real-world results on why you should test SEO changes, how and where they should be performed, and what types of testing to consider for your circumstances.

Dark Helmet & # 39; s Guide to Local Domination with Google Posts and Q&A

Greg Gifford

Google Posts and Questions & Answers are two incredibly powerful features of Google My Business, but most people don't even know they exist. Greg will go over Google Posts in detail and explain how they work, how they are used and tips on how to optimize them based on testing with hundreds of customers. He'll also cover the GMB Q&A section (a feature anyone in the community can speak to for your company), share the results of a research project with hundreds of clients, share some fun Q&A examples, and explain in detail how to properly use questions and answers to attract more local business.

How to check for inclusive content

Emily Triplett Lentz

Digital marketers have a responsibility to learn to recognize the prejudices often found in online copies and replace them with alternatives that result in stronger, clearer messaging and encourage wider, more loyal, and enthusiastic audiences. For several years over the past year, Help Scout screened content for inadvertently exclusive language that linked physical disabilities or mental illnesses to negative-sounding terms, resulting in improved sharpness and a stronger brand. You will learn what inclusive content is, how it helps appeal to a larger and more loyal audience, how to test potentially problematic languages ​​on a website, and how to optimize inclusive, welcoming language.

Get the Look: Enhance the shopping experience with image and visual search optimization

Joelle Irvine

How do image and visual searches fit into the online shopping ecosystem as language, local, and rich results become increasingly important? Using examples from Google Images, Google Lens and Pinterest Lens, Joelle shows how image optimization can improve the overall customer experience and play a key role in findability, product rating and purchase decision for online shoppers. At the same time, she accepts that image recognition technology is not yet perfect and shares actionable tactics to better optimize visual search to help clients find the perfect style that they just can't put into words.

Factors that affect the local algorithm and do not affect the organic

Joy Hawkins

Google's local algorithm is a horse of a different color than the organic algo that most SEOs are familiar with. Joy will publish results from a SterlingSky study on how closely proximity differs when comparing local and organic results, how ratings affect ranking (including data points from tests), how wild spam is (and how this negatively affects real ones Company) and much more.

Selected Snippets: Basics to Know and To Aim

Britney Muller

By now, most SEOs are familiar with the idea of ​​featured snippets, but actually understanding and capturing those snippets in the changing search landscape remains difficult to achieve. Britney will be sharing some insightful data on the SERPs you know and love, and will equip you with a slew of new tricks to help you add selected snippets to your toolbox.

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