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There is nothing stronger than surrounding yourself with like-minded people who support and encourage you every step of the way. A variety of studies have shown the importance of being part of the right crowd in order to accelerate your growth or achieve success. Women entrepreneurs have taken this mindset and created a number of networking groups across the UK to support other women in business.

It can be difficult to stay motivated in a male executive dominated world. However, being in a group of ambitious women can deliver just the right dose of feminine energy and collective positivity to keep you going. Learning from one another, inspiring one another and nurturing perseverance are just some of the main advantages of such a community.

Whether you are from London, Yorkshire, Wales or Scotland, you will most likely find a networking group on this blog that is for you.

Why join a network group?

Why should women entrepreneurs join a networking group?

Network groups often cost a bit of money to become a member. However, the cost is clearly outweighed by the benefits!

Women entrepreneurs benefit from network groups because:

  • You can share ideas with like-minded people
  • There will be people who understand your challenges; H. Balancing motherhood and business
  • Sharing ideas with other business women can improve your business prospects
  • Chances are you will receive verbal referrals from the connections you make
  • It's a safe place to thrive and have your voice heard

Member groups often provide additional help for members as well. From legal advice to exclusive commercial insurance deals, you can save a lot of money as a member. The costs for these groups are also shown as an expense in your annual tax return!

Women in Business Network (WINB)

If you are looking for a large network of women from a well-established group, WINB might be the community for you. As one of the largest networking groups (1,500 members and growing) in the UK, they offer a variety of member services.

Since their launch in 2005, they have expanded their network to include smaller local groups in the UK and Ireland. They organize monthly meetings (currently online) that are structured on an agenda to help women grow their business. They also offer a variety of workshops (such as public speaking) and blogs on a variety of topics and strategies.

While their annual membership starts at £ 240 a year, their stats insure you about your investment. According to WINB, the vast majority of the 110 women who join have increased their profits ten times the cost. Remember that the cost of membership in a network group or attending events can also be offset against your tax return.

Blooming founders

Another great community with helpful resources for women entrepreneurs is Blooming Founders. They aim to enable growth for women-run businesses through education, fundraising, and networking opportunities. Although Blooming Founders is primarily based in London, they have adapted to the COVID-19 with a series of online events. Other services that this network offers to support women entrepreneurs are:

  • Sign up for an internship to help you in your job
  • A virtual office – for a professional image without overhead
  • 66 letters from female founders around the world. They share their experiences, lessons learned and their business insights
  • Collaboration and events space in Shoreditch

Depending on the type of service you are interested in, prices vary. Subscribing to the newsletter for useful information is completely free. Attend meet-ups and events that are free or as cheap as £ 8 or internship for £ 250. While some services may be out of your price range, there is still a lot of value you can get from the Blooming Founder community.

Spring (wales)

Network groups offer mutual support

If you're from Wales and your cup of tea is a fun, laid-back community of business women, spring is the place for you. This networking group offers the opportunity to introduce your company to a large audience, meet like-minded women, keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry and enjoy their informative events.

Meet like-minded women entrepreneurs every first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. The speakers share their insightful experiences while you enjoy a delicious dinner. Spring offers these opportunities for women entrepreneurs at an annual membership price of £ 115. Would you like to try it out first? A visitor membership is £ 15 per month.

Northern Power women

One of the most inspiring movements to celebrate and promote gender diversity is Northern Power Women.

Be it by listening to their podcast (Ask The Hive), attending one of their events, or reading about their role models, there are many ways to learn from Northern Power Women. In addition, this community offers many free resources such as: B. the book "Research Pilot". The annual awards recognize women in business in the north of England and are a great opportunity to build your own brand and meet role models.

Association of Scottish Business Women (ASB)

One of the longest running organizations for women entrepreneurs is the Association of Scottish Businesswomen.

A revision in 2012, which has been running since 1995, implemented their new vision with individual memberships for all business and professional women in Scotland. Unlike other similar groups, ASB offers more than just networking and learning opportunities. The ASB has an annual business award and a program of national events. They also offer a mentoring program with Scotland's most successful business women. The large number of sponsors and partners of the ASB offers its members many additional advantages and opportunities.

Competitive fees make it an accessible group for individuals and women entrepreneurs running larger businesses. Individual membership is £ 30 per year while corporate membership (for companies with more than 10 employees) is £ 150 per year.

Women in Business (in Northern Ireland)

Women in Business Northern Ireland is the largest support group for women entrepreneurs in the region. In-person events, online webinars and member presentations are great opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland to network and thrive.

This community offers 4 different types of memberships (from £ 45 per year). The price will vary based on the type of care, skills, and networking opportunities you need. Their reliability is also backed by the reputable partners they work with such as Allstate Norther Ireland, Virgin Media Business, University of Belfast etc.

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