Rare play pieces for Albertson's Monopoly

If you're familiar with Albertsons' Monopoly promotion, you know it's no secret that your chances of winning the jackpot prize are extremely difficult. This year, the big cash prize is again $ 1,000,000. But don't get your hopes up. The chances of winning are not great. However, this year they are a bit higher!

Find rare play pieces

To win one of the bigger rewards like the vacation home, luxury car or renovation, you need to find rare and semi-rare pieces. These change every year and since the competition only started last week, it can take some time for all rare pieces to be revealed.

However, there are some places you need to search and some things you should know when you start looking for rare monopoly pieces:

  • Get creative. Don't go unchecked when looking for these items or leads. Many blogs share the full list of articles and are continuously updated as the campaign progresses. We suspect that you will find more of them on the Internet by the end of February or early March. People really seem to ban together for this event, as knowingly it is difficult to fill your game board. Some online forums we found were on YouTube.com searching for Albertson's Monopoly.
  • Get out of the area. You will probably not be very lucky if you only shop in the participating stores in your area. If you really want to win this year, you'll need to scoop out some gas money and consider one or two road trips (both long and short) to increase your chances of finding these rare tokens. As a reminder of the rules of the game, you can even make a small purchase to get a ticket. However, there are exceptions, e.g. B. No tickets for the purchase of tobacco products and lottery tickets.
  • Start early. The sooner you start, the better you will think you will collect more over time. However, expect a large number of tickets in April as the competition ends on May 5th. You may be able to secure some last minute prices at this time, and some decent trading tickets will improve your chances.
  • Share the wealth. There are participants willing to buy, trade and sell tickets that they need for this Albertsons Monopoly promotion. Individuals sell on eBay as well as on trading sites like this one. Of course, the rare pieces are a bit expensive, as the seller may help you win $ 1,000,000. However, you can also make money by selling unnecessary tickets or even swapping groups of tickets with other competitors to fill in a color on the board.
  • Caution. Be very careful when looking for areas where you can buy and sell these rare game pieces. The world is full of fraudsters and the Internet is no exception. Do your research, check the seller, and make sure you submit your credit card numbers through a secure website.

What are the rare game pieces in 2019?

Below is a list of rare game marker lists for Albertson's Monopoly 2020 Collect & Win game. These can be updated as more information is gathered during the promotion. All of these have a present value (from $ 1 million to $ 5 million in cash):

  • A606F
  • B611D
  • M656A
  • J643B
  • J646E
  • F630D
  • C615E
  • P667D
  • N663C
  • L653B
  • K649B
  • H641A
  • G635C
  • E625C

The chances of winning

Albertson's Play Monopoly advertising site notes that the odds of winning the top three Collect & Win prizes are as follows:

  • $ 1,000,000 in cash (30-year pension) – 552,501,000: 1
  • $ 250,000 vacation rental – 368,334,000: 1
  • $ 100,000 in cash or by boat – 110,500,200: 1

There are also a number of instant win options and small prizes. The smaller the price, the more likely you are to win.

These chances of winning are based on finding the rare game piece. Many people have won in the past by trading these tokens online. Visit the Albertsons Monopoly savings forum.

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