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According to research and tracking by The Co-operative Group, sales of ethical goods and services in the UK have increased tenfold in 20 years and are now at record highs. In addition, more and more people are pursuing ethical approaches to companies and investments. While others pay attention to where the money they spend is actually going.

The more people care about the impact of their money on the world. The more opportunities there are to make money ethically. We brainstormed to put together some ideas on how to make ethical money in your community.

Crowdfund projects

Crowdfunding can support your community projects

The first example of crowdfunding took place in 1997, but has become increasingly popular since then. This is one of the most popular ways for individuals and small businesses today to raise funds for new ideas. Regardless of your project, crowdfunding is a great way to raise awareness of your activities and encourage people to donate.

Brainstorm ideas for services or products that you think would benefit your community. It could be something like a litter selection to keep the community clean, offer a transportation service for people with reduced access, or open a food kitchen. There are no real restrictions on what you can offer – whatever you think is beneficial, it is worth trying to get it going.

You can offer these services free of charge to those who need them. Use crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunder, Kickstarter or Go Fund Me to promote your activities and raise money for the project. Crowdfunded projects offer great opportunities to earn money because you have so much control and can flexibly respond to your needs, deadlines and specific financial goals.

Create sustainable tourism projects

Sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, but can also be improved locally. If you live near a UK beauty spot or do a lot of tourism in your area, starting a sustainable tourism company is a great way to make ethical money.

You can also work with appropriate charities by donating part of the profit. In this way, you benefit from the help and advice of the charity. You can also promote your business to travel responsibly.

Through these projects you can:

  • Help protect nature
  • Minimize the impact of tourism on climate change
  • Combating waste and tourism pollution

A good example of sustainable tourism that requires very little capital to start is hiking or cycling through your city. Learn some interesting facts and the history of the region and guide visitors through local companies such as independent cafes to help the economy as well.

Run classes and programs

Conduct community courses to make ethically sound money

Consider running courses and courses to teach people, get fit, or learn a new skill. If you have special knowledge or expertise, you can easily earn money with it. Keep costs as low as possible so everyone in the community can access and afford them.

Talk to your local library and see if you can use free storage there if you need a classroom. Or whether they give you access to certain resources that could help you. Would a town hall or community center be able to offer you additional space for free if needed?

If you want to run an external program to find local parks or other large open spaces, a local park will keep costs down.

Run errands

TaskRabbit is a service that lets you select Taskers who want to help based on ratings, skills, and prices. You will find help with shopping, deliveries, furniture assembly, cleaning and almost everything that someone needs help with. It enables people to easily schedule when it will work from them.

Easy entry into the platform by simply logging in and immediately helping with errands and tasks.

Make money upcycling

Upcycling is the process of converting useless or unwanted products into new materials with use and value. Upcycling and recycling have become common practice on the way to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Revitalizing products is a great way to make money while being environmentally friendly. You can always find lots of unwanted and used items for upcycling on Craigslist, Gumtree or in charities.

In our article How to make money with thrift articles you will find all the information you need to get started.

Start a social enterprise

Social enterprises are companies that were founded on the front line with certain social ideas. They want to maximize profits while maximizing benefits for society and the environment. They want to maximize the improvement in financial, social, and environmental wellbeing, including maximizing social impact alongside profits for co-owners.

Set up a social enterprise to hire people in your community who have been unemployed for a while or who have difficulty finding work due to personal circumstances. Many of them provide work for those who might otherwise have difficulty getting it while benefiting the community around them. St. Nick & # 39; s in York is a brilliant social enterprise that employs ex-offenders in a municipal recycling program.

Organize local events

Arrange local events to raise money for yourself AND the community

Organizing local events can be anything. Concerts, music festivals, food festivals, fairs and festivals as well as open-air and drive-in cinemas. Local events are always a great way to make money and involve the community.

Use local spaces such as parks and greens. However, you need to make sure that you have the correct permissions. As a rule, you will encounter restrictions regarding the number of people present and the existing sound restrictions in the case of shared outdoor areas.

Involving a charity is also a great way to encourage engagement. If you donate a percentage of the profit to a charity, you can get help from them to help promote the event and may want to work with you at future events.

Start a community zine

Zines have been around for a long time, but they have grown in popularity in recent years. A community zine can be a great way to communicate local news, events, and information within a community. Encourage members of the community to contribute, be it writing, photos, sketches, or design.

The Big Issue founder, John Bird, originally wanted to create a sustainable alternative to begging and crime. It has now helped at least 92,000 homeless people to earn more than £ 115 million. This shows how massively sustainable and ethical projects can grow.

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